Dr. Aaron Lerner recently noted that Ha’aretz Correspondent Amir Oren reported in his weekly column in today’s Hebrew edition of Ha’aretz that Edward Abington, who was the United States consul general in Jerusalem until 1997 and is now Arafat’s top paid lobbyist in Washington, drafted Yasser Arafat’s op-ed piece that appeared in last Sunday’s New York Times along with “one of the Israeli ‘guardians of Oslo'”. Arafat’s PR aide Saeb Erekat put the finishing touches on the article.

Questions remains:

Will anyone confront the NYT with their misprepresentation of Arafat.

Will anyone ever challenge the fact that Abington receives a 2.5 million dollar retainer from Arafat, following his service as the US consul in Jerusalem, during which time he concluded hundreds of contracts between the US and the PA.

Would Abington’s current fee not be termed a “payoff”?