With thanks to IMRA for locating this release.
[Having been in NYC on September 11th, I listened to the WINS newsreels in which the PFLP took “credit” for the attacks on the US throughout that day.]

Gaza, April 7, 2002, Wafa, the Political Editor:

We are at the doorstep of another massacre orchestrated by the war criminal Gen. Mofaz and his highly ranked staff, a massacre against the steadfast Refugee Camp of Jenin, the Camp that is hard to crack by the Israeli invading occupation forces, a failure that led to releasing the Israeli commanding General from his duties.

Mofaz, personally directed by Sharon himself, is committing the ugliest crimes of all, in an era of preserving human rights and era of the modern world; his tanks are using the Palestinian children’s flesh as tank shields, when invading the Refugee Camp, in order to paralyze the Palestinian resistance, a resistance that is legendry determent to confront the invaders.

Does Israel race against time exposing itself to the entire world practicing terror? a programmed racist murder? And commits crimes that consist of one or two targets: termination or deportation and transfer.

Two days ago, countries and organizations that were considered as supportive to Israel, are revising their supportive attitude, unable to accept the Israeli crimes, such as the Royal institute of “Nobel Prize” that expressed its apology for granting Peres a “Nobel Peace” prize, and a distinguish member of the institute suggested to withdraw the prize from him for his part in the Israeli scheme. If this is the position of the institute, then its opinion about Sharon’s role in committing these murders, massacres, and the criminal terror, should be very interesting.

Despite everything, there is an essential question: who is going to pay? And from which account? For rectifying the upside-down situation returning history into its right track. The answer is very clear, but yet there are other questions: when? And can the Palestinians alone shovel the odds and reorganize them? And without Arab clear support and help?

We have said that the Arabs have means that can be used to make a remarkable impact, if used properly, but, the Arabs first, then the Moslems, should free themselves from the mental terror practiced against them by the USA Administration, since the 11th of September 2001, and no Arab or Moslem country should jump to support the USA Administration in fighting the terror as long as it is still unidentified, while considering the legitimate resistance against the occupation as terror, where simultaneously the organized state terror is not considered terror yet but “self defense”!!.

The Islamic and the Arab countries should abandon an issue, they are not responsible for, we mean the attack against the World Trade Center in New York and in the Pentagon in Washington, two monuments considered symbols of the USA power.

Nor the current Administration neither the coming ones can impose their will and desires on the rest of the earth nations, it was tried before, not only proving its failure but bringing disasters back like a boomerang.

We recognize the capability of the modern technology and its precision of enabling unlimited control, but simultaneously we notice that the individuals and the small groups are developing amazing parallel capability of confronting such attempts of control, registering remarkable achievements, aren’t the 11th of September considered as a blow to the technological advance?

Jenin Refugee Camp is facing a criminal massacre, also the most ancient of Nablus’s Quarters. The President “The Symbol” “The Nations Legend” and maybe a legend in the entire world, is being confined and brutally besieged by the Israeli terror, that is blessed by the USA, who deals with this issue as if it does not exist.

The Palestinians have informed the entire world especially the USA and its Administration, that President Arafat IS the Palestinian Address which through Him and only through Him the Palestinians might be approached, and no one has the permission to trespass this Palestinian consensus, because this is a Palestinian decision which all Palestinian individuals, groups, factions, inside Palestine and out have approved and ready to fight for.

Maybe the “New World Order” does not recognize political, cultural and moral references anymore, Israel and the UA have violated the Palestinian reference, represented by the democratically elected President Arafat, who is still receiving full support from the entire Palestinian communities. By this stupid action, Israel has implicated the USA placing it in the midst of not only the Palestinian rage, but also the entire Arab nations’ rage, and the rest of the world’s rage.

The demonstrations throughout the whole world are a living proof to this rage and frustration hitting the citizens of the globe.

That is why we refuse to meet with the USA Secretary of State Mr. Colin Powell, if he does not meet honestly and without maneuvering, with our Address first, and the Arab Leaders should get the Address’s blessing before meeting Powell, because the USA officials meetings with President Arafat show the seriousness of this Administration, furthermore we call on the entire Arab leaders and the rest of the world’s to act immediately to protect Jenin Refugee Camp from the criminal Israeli occupation forces who are committing massacres, in this camp in particular.

This release ran on the “Wafa” wire on Sunday, April 7, 2002