The US House of Representatives International Relations Committee has received an unpublished report of US foreign aid allocations to organizations that operate inside the Palestinian National Authority and in Arab neighborhoods in Jerusalem.

A member of that committee, Congressman Eliot Engel, has made that unclassified report available to the Center for Near East Policy Research in Boston and to its affiliate agency, the Israel Resource News Agency in Jerusalem.

US AID funded organizations include the propaganda training programs of the PLO, including PASSIA, whose web site is located at

PASSIA receives 1.045 million dollars per annum from US AID, which it openly uses to runs no less than sixteen courses for PLO spokesmen to learn the art of how to lobby the media and foreign elected officials.

According to US AID records, the total amount that the US spends on PLO propaganda runs at least $10 million per annum.

Medical organizations that receive funds from US AID to publish falsified medical reports include the Union of Palestine Medical Relief Committees, and the Red Crescent, run by Mustapha Bargouti and Fatchi Arafat – the brothers of PLO leaders Marwan Bargouti and Yassir Arafat respectively.

David Bedein, bureau chief of Israel Resource News Agency, will be in the US next week to present the facts of how US-funded agencies work together with UNRWA and the PLO lobby in Washington, directed by former US consul in Jerusalem, Edward Abington, to falsify data for media consumption.