CNN deeply regrets any extra anguish the Keinan family has suffered as a result of CNN’s broadcast Friday night.

The Keinan family did two interviews with CNN on Friday. The first interview was broadcast live in the USA and was replayed later day. The interview was soon posted on for its worldwide audience.

Later Friday, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer selected excerpts of the interview for the basis of a report about the family that aired on CNN in the US and to the international audience a number times on Saturday.

Our intention had been to use other excerpts from the second interview Friday night and Saturday on the international service, however this did not happen and we apologize for the error. This mistake was compounded by fact that we were running a previously recorded package on the suspected motivation of the suicide bombing.

We are airing extended excerpts from that interview on CNN International on Wednesday. Also, the second interview contained a specific message from the family to CNN’s European viewers and that will be aired later this week as a central part of a special CNN Q&A program about the European view of the Mideast conflict.