[The Israeli gov’t has reported to the US government that “graduates” of previous CIA PLO training programs have turned their newly gained expertise against Israel. Sources in the Israeli defence ministry note that as many as 100 CIA trained PLO security force members had murdered Israeli citizens – David Bedein]

A team of CIA monitors and advisers on security have arrived in Cairo, and will soon move to the Gaza Strip, senior Palestinian Authority sources told The Jerusalem Post. The team will advise the PA in reorganizing its security, and is part of the team that will monitor both sides’ implementation of the road map.

The CIA operatives are training a new PA antiterror force ahead of a possible confrontation with Hamas and Islamic Jihad, according to the sources.

The new force, which consists of several hundred agents, will operate under the direct command of Security Minister Muhammad Dahlan…

This article appeared in the Jerusalem Post on May 27, 2003