In the aftermath of the Palestinian cabinet’s weekly meeting, Mr. Nabil Amr, Minister of Information, asserted the cabinet’s adherence to the Palestinian national rights, which comes in harmony with those of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) and the Palestinian people of all spectrums.

Commenting on what happened at Al Aqaba summit, Mr. Amr said that the national rights, which some people claimed to have been overlooked in Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas’s speech in Al Aqaba summit, have been mentioned, and consequently, they’re included in the “Roadmap” peace plan. These rights, which include Jerusalem, the refugees and borders, are the main issues of the Palestinian cause, and can’t be forfeited because it is the core of our cause.

“We were amazed of the intense media coverage that negatively affected the Palestinian stance in Al Aqaba. The speech that [Prime Minister] Abu Mazen gave was talking only about the Palestinian commitments regarding the implementation of the roadmap, nothing more and nothing less.”

Minister Amr added that the Palestinian cabinet is in constant debate with all concerned parties for the release of detainees, stopping the assassinations, military invasions and the policy of collective punishment, pointing out that the continuation of the Israeli occupation’s offensive seriously damages the peace efforts.

As for the dialogue with the Palestinian factions, Mr. Amr said that it represents a strategic decision for the Palestinian cabinet, and that they will continue it with all concerned factions. He mentioned that stopping it would further worsen our choices, which are in need of strengthening and unification.

The Minister of Information asserted that the Palestinian cabinet works closely and in harmony with President Yasser Arafat, and that there’s great understanding between Prime Minister Abu Mazen and President Yasser Arafat, which contributes to taking decisions as one Palestinian establishment.

Minister Amr told IPC correspondent that what happened at Al Aqaba had been discussed by the executive committee of the PLO, in addition to the high negotiations committee, and would be presented in an exceptional session of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), where PM Abbas would address the PLC members about the precise details of that event and how the Palestinians, must deal with such sensitive political matters with the appropriate level of responsibility, using detailed and careful vocabulary that reflect their commitment to their national position.