Hamas has claimed the deployment of a new weapon against Israel’s military.

Hamas’s military wing said it has begun using a new anti-tank weapon in the Gaza Strip. The Izzedin Kassam wing called the anti-tank weapon Al Yassin and said it achieved success against Israeli armored vehicles.

Izzedin Kassam said in a statement on August 4 that Al Yassin destroyed an Israeli armored vehicle east of the Jabalya refugee camp. Hamas said Al Yassin was launched against an Israeli armored convoy in the first operation of the weapon.

The statement did not provide specifications of Al Yassin. Hamas said Al Yassin scored a direct hit and destroyed an Israeli armored vehicle.

Israel’s military did not report any losses or acknowledge the new weapon. In July, Hamas introduced the Nasser-3 short-range missile, said to be an enhanced version of the Kassam missile.

On Thursday, Israeli forces withdrew from most of their positions they captured in the northern Gaza Strip in an attempt to halt Kassam-class short-range missile attacks against Israel.

On Friday, Israeli forces killed a Palestinian insurgent who tried to attack an Israeli community in the central Gaza Strip. Military sources said two insurgents, one of whom escaped, carried a huge landmine and tried to infiltrate the Gush Katif bloc of settlements near Khan Yunis