December 8th 2004
Ms. Nancy K. Kaufman
Mr. Sheldon Goldberg
The Jewish Community Relations Council
It has come to our attention that the Jewish Community Relation Council, the Anti Defamation League, and the American Jewish Committee have decided to honour Sari Nusseibah on Friday December 10 at 126 High Street Room 912.

“Raba said: He who [wishes] to take a wife should inquire about [the character of] her brothers.” [Baba Bathra 110a; Soncino edition of the Babylonian Talmud]. Likewise one should strictly investigate a person one is about to honour.

On June 29, 2002, Sari Nusseibah and Uhm Nidal, the mother of a terrorist, appeared on Al Jazeera television.

Her son, a terrorist, carried out a suicide attack mission, murdering five students who were studying Torah at Atzmonah Yeshiva.

She was proud that her son murdered in cold blood my son Asher Markus and his four friends: Eron Picar, Arik Kroglak, Ariel Zana and Tal Kurtzweil. Nusseibah endorsed the murder. What Sari Nusseibah said in response was something other than condemnation: “What comes to mind when I hear my sister Uhm Nidal speak is the verse in the Koran which proclaims that “The Garden of Eden has been designed for these mothers. All the more honor goes to every Palestinian mother, to every fighter, and to all those women who fight for the Palestinian Jihad (Holy War) in our land”.

Sari Nusseibah went on to tell the viewers of Al Jazeera around the world that “suicide attacks are often defensive in nature, like the heroes who carried out suicide attacks when they defend their homeland in the refugee camp of Jenin”

We received your e-mail dated Tuesday December 7th, 2004. We appreciate that you wish to meet with Sari Nusseibah to hear what he has to say and to challenge him with our concerns. I would like to bring to your attention the fact that the greatest honour you can bestow upon an Arab, in the Middle East, is having him over for a meal. Please understand that by inviting Sari Nusseibah to the lunch that will take place this coming Friday December the 10th, is the greatest honour you can bestow upon him.

I don’t understand how our Jewish brothers and our Jewish sisters in Boston can honour a person who endorses and praises those who murder our children. I trust that the Jewish community in Boston will do their outmost to cancel the event.

Yitzhak and Rivka Markus
Kiryat Moshe
Jerusalem, Israel