(This “generic letter” can be used as the basis for anyone who would like to make claim against the U.S. State Department in the matter of American support for the policies of Ariel Sharon and Mahmud Abbas, aka Abu Mazen. This was prepared by Atty. Barbara Newman, tel. 0523-444241. From outside of Israel: 011 972 523 444 241.)

April 5, 2005

Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

By E-mail: AskDOJ@usdoj.gov

By fax: (202) 307-6777

Re: Class Action Civil Rights Suit v. State Department

Jewish American Citizens threatened with eviction from Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza and Targets of Palestinian Authority Terrorism

Dear Hon. Attorney General Gonzales:

It is only the Attorney General that has the power to define terrorism and to compel the State Department to name a terrorist group. It is only the Attorney General that can keep Congress from funding a terrorist group. As such I am turning to you to initiate an investigation and to act upon your findings. The United States is prohibited by law to give aid to any country, and certainly to any non-country like the Palestinian Authority, that confiscates or nationalizes property of United States citizens. The United States is certainly barred from aiding a terrorist organization, especially when the terrorist acts are against Untied States citizens.

AId to Terrorism

Currently the United States Department of State has arranged for the CIA to train at least 500 new Palestinian police. Of these, 150 are members of Hamas. Of the Palestinian police that the State Department had previously trained and armed, the overwhelming majority have carried out terrorist attacks against Israel. Furthermore, part of their police force has become a post facto intelligence bureau that has shared intelligence with various terrorist groups and has directly orchestrated and implemented terrorist actions against both Israeli and American citizens.

The documents that the Israeli Army found in the main offices of the Palestinian Authority in the Mukata show that the Palestinian Authority directly committed terrorist acts and funded the terrorist acts of various terrorist organizations. In fact, they issued the order for various attacks and coordinated them. In some instances, they transported the terrorists of bombs in Palestinian Authority ambulances. These documents can be viewed in www.intelligence.org.il. The terrorism research institute, being privy to additional documents that remain classified, maintain that at least 75% of the police force and at least 75% of the employees of all agencies of the Palestinian Authority either were directly involved in terrorist acts or were members of terrorist organizations.

Examples of terrorist activity of the Palestinian police was the Ramallah lynch in which two Jewish young men made a wrong turn and found themselves at the outskirts of Ramallah. The Palestinian police brought them to the Ramallah police station. The chief of police instigated the other police to attack these two men. They were beaten, stabbed countless times; their eyes were gouged from their sockets and literally disemboweled and dismembered with the attackers’ bare hands in the Ramallah police station. Then the Palestinian policeman threw one down to the waiting mob down below where his face was further crushed with stones, feet, fists and even a heavy metal window frame. One man was set on fire and dragged along the street as the others danced and cheered in a frenzied, hideous ecstasy. Pictures of this can be found on http://www.yesha.homestead.com/ramallahlynch.html.

Palestinian law issues the death warrant.to Arabs that sell land to Jews and to Jews who reside in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and Gaza. The Palestinian police kill these individuals as an exercise of their official duties. In addition, anyone providing information about terrorist attacks are brutally killed.

For example, Friday, January 21, 2005, Mohammad Mansur, 23, accused of cooperating with Israel was slowly dismembered in the main square of the Balata camp south of Nablus. Knives and axes were used to chop off his fingers and toes first, then his limbs. No ambulance was permitted to collect his remains, which were thrown into a dumpster. Nablus governor and Palestinian Authority leaders issued dire warning against revelation of this horror. The brutality of the Authority is a matter of public record. There are numerous Palestinian atrocities, for example two teenage boys, one of them an American citizen, were tortured to death near their home in Tekoa, Judea. The modus operandi of the Palestinian Authority is not limited to torture killings; a number of the suicide bombers were Palestinian police.

The Palestinian Authority’s game of splintering to commit terrorist acts under some other name and then reintegrating is wearing thin. Currently, the Palestinian Authority has members of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, groups declared as terrorist organizations, on their payroll. Those that weren’t on the Palestinian Authority payroll were permitted to run the last elections.

These groups are being courted to rejoin the Palestinian Authority. If these groups join the Palestinian Authority, then the Palestinian Authority must be declared a terrorist organization. Currently, the Palestinian Authority, rather than arresting known terrorists, is offering them jobs in the Palestinian Authority. (see www.israelnn.com/news.php3?id=79584 )

Defining which group is terrorist, is a task performed by the Secretary of State. The only one that can compel the Secretary of State to name an unnamed individual or group is the Attorney General. As such, I turn to you as the only person in the United States with the power and authority to challenge the State Department’s actions. The Palestinian Authority must be declared a terrorist organization and funding barred. Furthermore, the State Department must cease coercing Israel into forcibly evicting Jews, including American Jews from their homes for the benefit of the Palestinian Authority.

There are one million Arabs, regarded by the Palestinian Authority as Palestinians, living in Israel, enjoying all the benefits of Israeli citizenship. There is no reason that 200,000 Jews cannot live in Palestine. For the Untied States to reinforce the Palestinian Authority’s demand that all Jews must be removed, regardless of nationality, while all Muslims and Christians, including Israeli and American citizens may remain, violates everything that the United States stands for. To do so with no due process or civil rights is downright criminal. Constitutional rights are extra-territorial.

By international law, Jews have a specific right to settle in all of Judea and Samaria. (see http://www.yesha.homestead.com/politics97.html ). By the laws of the United States, there is no prohibition for American Jews to have a second home in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, or Gaza. It is a violation of international law for the United States to coerce the removal of United States citizens.

The claims of the migrant workers who emigrated to this region when Jews hired them to work this abandoned area are lame, as they are not the indigenous population.

Land Confiscation by Racial and Religious Criteria

The State Department originated a document called the Roadmap which prohibits individual Jews, including non-Israeli American citizens, from exercising their property rights. They are prohibited from the use and occupancy of their property. As Palestinian law prohibits any Jew from owning property, by coercing the transfer of control to the Palestinian Authority, Jewish owners have lost their property with no compensation paid thereof. I have sent the attached letter, to Dr. Rice in an attempt to resolve these complaints amicably and to request the waiver of the State Department employees’ qualified immunity in the event a federal judge finds wrongdoing. Immunity should be waived in order to avoid the appearance of impropriety with officials hiding behind immunity to avoid accountability.

I am fully aware that the State Department has absolute immunity and the employees have qualified immunity for damages. However, actions for declaratory and injunctive relief could be brought. The Attorney General, however, has the right and obligation to bring suits after an investigation finds wrongdoing. I ask both for an investigation into these issues and for you to bring suit to compel the State Department to cease their illegal actions.

The State Department is not just issuing policy statements, but imposes sanctions. The United States Department of State punished Israel for settlement by withholding a portion of the guarantee authorized by Congress proportionate to Israel’s expenditures for settlement expenses. Worse they aid an organization that killed and plans to kill United States citizens.

I also ask you to request Congress to suspend, pending the results of your investigation, any funding to the Palestinian Authority. I also ask that you prohibit funding assistance to Israel which will finance the disengagement.

They have asked for a grant of 500 million dollars. The particular areas that Jews are being forcibly removed from are those regions hardest hit by terrorist attacks. In Samaria, a large number of fatal attacks occurred in or around Sa Nur, Homesh, Gadid and Kadim, such that a significant number of residents moved temporarily from their home to safer areas. The attacks in Gaza are almost daily for the past four years. As the terrorist statute covers loss of property, not just loss of life and limb from terrorist attacks, we believe that the terrorists should not obtain property as a result of terrorism. It is your moral, as well as your legal obligation to stop this.

I would appreciate being informed of the results of your investigation. Thank you for your prompt attention to this critical matter.