The Israel Broadcasting Corporation’s Voice of Israel Radio Arab Affairs Correspondent Avi Yissakharov reported this afternoon that PA head Mahmoud Abbas claimed in a meeting with Israeli reporters that the PA has collected all the weapons held by “wanted” Palestinians in Jericho and Tulkarem and that they will all soon be joining the PA security forces.

Yissakharov noted that when he checked with Palestinian sources that they all denied that this was the case and the Palestinians told him that while the PA has made announcements regarding the collection of weapons that in fact the weapons have yet to be collected.

Yissakharov suggested that Abbas may not have been intentionally deceiving the Israeli reporters and instead may simply not be “informed”.

In sharp contrast to the possibility that Abbas is simply clueless about what is going on in the PA, the people at Israel Radio who summarized Yissakharov’s report for their website were aware that Yissakharov found that Abbas was wrong but decided not to include that information in the summary that appears on Israel Radio’s website.

Instead, the website report only reports Abbas’ claim.