May 27th, 2005

For the past four months, our news agency hired credible Arabic-language journalists to translate and provide the Jewish media with the content of the media of the new regime of Abbas, and place it on an a website,

This was done at a time when JTA did not have the budget to do so.

Our agency has also provided this material to members of the US Congress.

The Jewish media has by and large refused to relate to the content of Abbas’s new regime, which showed a consistent message of virulent anti-semitism, anti-Americanism, advocacy of the absolute “right of return” and the continued inculcation of the Palestinian Arab people for war against the state and people of Israel.

Essentially, the Jewish media repeats the mistake of its initial coverage of Arafat during the seven year period of 1993-2000.

As a direct result of the Jewish media not warning the Jewish community of the diaspora of the real message of Abbas, twenty Jewish organizations met with Abbas, not knowing of the virulent message of hatred that emanates from the man who was and is the protege of Yassir Arafat.

The Jewish media had a responsibility to prepare the leaders of American Jewry for the nature of the man whom they were going to meet, and the Jewish media blew the opportunity.

We can recall that the lack of Jewish media coverage of Arafat’s message led to a decision of the UJC to provide the Isaiah Award for Peace to Arafat in October 1999 – a decision which was rescinded after our agency reported the decision.

On a personal and professional basis, it would give me great pleasure to report expressions of peace, reconciliation and compromise that emanate from the official Palestinian Arabic language media. Unfortunately, I cannot do so, because it does not exist.

If the Jewish media had warned the world of Arafat’s message, perhaps the US would not have nurtured that PLO terrorist, and perhaps some of more than 1000 people murdered in cold blood by the PLO would not have been murdered.

Now the Jewish media protects Arafat’s protege, which may result in the US arming Abbas once again.

Please remember: Abbas is one of the authors of the PLO covenant which has never been amended/

That PLO charter is clear in its intention and its program: To exterminate Israel, using the strategy of phases that the PLO adopted in 1974, an amendment written by none other than Abbas.

And please remember that the new school books of the Palestinian National Authority are dedicated to the memory of Haj Amin Al Husseini, the Mufti of Jerusalem who lived with Adolf Hitler and who was the mentor of Arafat and Abbas.

The Jewish media has a choice: to report the reality of Abbas’s new regime, or to report on all of those State Department cronies who speak and relate to the fact that he wears a nice suit and says the right things in English a the White House.

The question is whether the Jewish media will adopt a position of integrity on the matter of Abbas.