Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has no intention of pursuing peace with Israel, researchers from a news agency told U.S. congressional staffers.

The leadership of the Jerusalem-based Israel Resource News Agency met with the staffers on Capitol Hill on Wednesday and argued that incitement in the Palestinian news media and anti-Semitic themes in Palestinian textbooks persist. “Abbas has no intention of implementing peaceful measures,” IRNA bureau chief David Bedein told the staffers.

Arnon Groiss of Israel Radio’s Arabic-language service informed participants that the new Palestinian textbooks depict Israel as the “source of evil” and promote nonrecognition and stereotypes about both Jews and Israel.

Steve Rodan, of Middle East Newsline, said that there is no distinction between Palestinian police and militant groups and that Hamas is strengthening itself in preparation for further attacks against Israel.

“Abbas is a technocrat rather than a polemicist” like Arafat, Bedein told the staffers, adding that this distinction makes Abbas more dangerous than his predecessor…