June 27, 2005

“The Saudis have been playing a double game since 9/11, maintaining their alliance with the U.S. while aiding the jihad worldwide”
– Robert Spencer, Director of Jihad Watch (June 23, 2005)

Dear Colleague:

Despite efforts to persuade us otherwise, the Saudis have not been a true ally in the war on terror. They have stymied our terror investigations, provided financial support to terrorists, and bankrolled fanatical Wahhabism. That’s why last year a majority of you supported an amendment to strike funding for the Saudis in the Foreign Operations Appropriations bill. This year we are asking for your support again.

1. The vast majority of suicide bombers in Iraq are Saudis: 70% percent of suicide bombers named on Islamic extremist websites are Saudi, according to experts. And 61% of Arab martyrs in Iraq are Saudi. As recently as May 28, 2005, Syria arrested 300 Saudis trying to cross into Iraq to join the jihad against the U.S. [Source: Washington Post, “Martyrs’ In Iraq Mostly Saudis; Web Sites Track Suicide Bombings,” May 15, 2005; Arab News “Syria Arrests 300 Saudis, May 28, 2005]

2. Saudi efforts to prosecute terrorists are inept: The Council on Foreign Relations recently wrote: “We find it regrettable and unacceptable that since September 11, 2001, we know of not a single Saudi donor of funds to terrorist groups who has been publicly punished-despite Ambassador Bandar’s assertion, in response to the issuance of our first report, that Saudi Arabia would ‘prosecute the guilty to the fullest extent of the law.'” [Source: Council on Foreign Relations, “Update on the Global Campaign Against Terrorist Financing,” pg. 20, June 2004)

3. The Saudis finance terror groups: More than 50% of Hamas funding comes from Saudi Arabia, which has funneled over $4 billion to finance Palestinian terror since 2000. (Source: Ambassador Dore Gold’s testimony to the House International Relations Subcommittee on the Middle East and Central Asia, July 21, 2003)

4. The Saudis thwart American anti-terror efforts: The Saudis have denied U.S. officials access to several suspects in custody, including a Saudi in detention for months who had knowledge of extensive plans to inject poison gas in the New York City subway system. [Source: Time Magazine, September 15, 2003]

5. The Saudis are connected to al-Qaeda: In his book, Why America Slept, author Gerald Posner quotes U.S. officials as saying a key al-Qaeda operative in U.S. custody, Abu Zubaydah, told his interrogators that al-Qaeda had an explicit deal with the Saudi royals to desist from violence in the kingdom in exchange for Saudi financing. [Source: Time Magazine, September 15, 2003]

Our amendment would prohibit U.S. aid to the Saudis. Please contact Daniel Greenspahn in Mr. Weiner’s office (5-6616) or Amanda Tharpe in Mr. Ferguson’s office (5-5361) with any questions or concerns.


Anthony D. Weiner
Member of Congress

Michael Ferguson
Member of Congress