Until Israel defines its objective as final victory, Islam will not leave it alone. But we don’t need to bomb the whole pyramid of jihad to smithereens. We need to pull out the cornerstones of this totalitarian structure – and it will collapse by itself.

Israeli elites, both Left and Right, are amazingly naןve about strategy, both in politics and spiritual warfare. In any conflict, in any contest, be it soccer or war, a defense without an offensive strategy is doomed. In the conflict with Israel Hamas and Hizbollah are spearheading the Moslem world’s long-term objective: the destruction of Israel and replacement it with Moslem “Falestyn”, a part of khalifate. Slowly and surely, the Moslem world is progressing to its objective, waging a military, political, psychological, and demographic jihad against the Jewish state.

If you ask Moslems what kind of Israel they wish to see, they have a precise answer. What kind of Islamic world does Israel want to see? We don’t have a response. We don’t care a fig about them. We don’t care what they have over there. All that matters for us is that they leave us alone.

The only difference between the Israeli Left and Right is that the former want to be left alone within the borders of ’48, and the Right within the borders of post-’67.

To use a parallel from the past World Cup, Israel has dug in at the penalty area and is trying to deflect the coming strikes. The insane Left center believes Olmert’s Disengagement-2: if we shrink the defended area to the size of the goal, it will be easier to defend; the Right says that defense is more comfortable within our legitimate penalty area.

The Katyusha goals in our net made even the Left wake up and approve a counter-offensive. The objective? “Keeping Hizbollah away from the northern border,” Olmert defined it. So that Hizbollah could lick its wounds and fire at Israel from behind the backs of French peace-keepers? Israeli government does not even pretend to be striving for victory. Look at the way the news programs and TV panels end at 3 main Israeli channels: the reporters wish recovery to our wounded, the return of the kidnapped soldiers, and, most importantly, the “quiet” to come back. No one wishes a victory to our own army!

The only way to avoid increasingly catastrophic “violations of quiet” is to launch a strategic offensive. The only way to fight is to control the entire field and have a clear vision of your enemy, who has been denied the ball and will have to admit your victory.

A Herd Atomized

What does it mean to control the field? What does the victory of Israel mean? Right now, tactically speaking, the victory will mean the total destruction of Hezbollah and Hamas, including the liquidation of Nasrallah, Haniya, and other top terrorist scum.

Yet the full and complete victory that should be the objective of the government and the elites consists in something else. We do not need to seize Islam’s land or humiliate and destroy Moslems. Our victory lies in accomplishing Israel’s mission: being the light unto nations. Our victory would mean transforming their conscious and their social structures, liberating Islam from the demons of bestiality that have taken possession of their spiritual realm.

Israel’s vision of Islamic world is not achieved through democratization a la Bush, but through individualization a la Abraham; through atomizing and personifying Moslem conscious. It would mean returning Ishmael to his father’s heritage; to an individual dialog with the Creator, to personal rights and personal responsibilities.

Israel must be ablaze with this vision of the New Middle East. I am not talking about an illusion where former Islamic tyrants and terrorists will hold court in shiny new hotels and McDonalds, but one that will realize Isaiah’s prophecy:

And the LORD shall be known to Egypt, and the Egyptians shall know the LORD in that day, and shall do sacrifice and oblation; yea, they shall vow a vow unto the LORD, and perform it. And the LORD shall smite Egypt: he shall smite and heal it: and they shall return even to the LORD, and he shall be intreated of them, and shall heal them. In that day shall there be a highway out of Egypt to Assyria, and the Assyrian shall come into Egypt, and the Egyptian into Assyria, and the Egyptians shall serve with the Assyrians. In that day shall Israel be the third with Egypt and with Assyria, even a blessing in the midst of the land: Whom the LORD of hosts shall bless, saying, Blessed be Egypt my people, and Assyria the work of my hands, and Israel mine inheritance. (Isaiah 19:21-25)

Yes, it will be a miracle. It will be the Time of Messiah. But it is Israel’s duty to clear the path for the Deliverer. And Israel’s God does miracles only in response to His people’s efforts.

It is for this great objective that Israel must develop a clear theo-political strategy and work hard to implement it. It is Israel – not American neocons – who should spearhead the offensive on the distorted Islam. Israel must be the spiritual leader in this great war, because it is Isaac who knows the soul of Ishmael as a soul of one’s brother.

This war does not entail bombing Damascus and Teheran. It entails pulling the cornerstones from the foundation of Umma.

One of them is the “Palestinian Problem”. The Jerusalem Summit has initiated a public diplomacy campaign proving that the only way out is the Humanitarian Solution, which foregoes Palestinians’ illegitimate collective political demands in favor of legitimate individual ones. I will not rehash the entire line of argument, in particular the part that removes the demographic threat to the Jewish people. I wish just to remind you that Oslo’s greatest sin was not the betrayal of Jewish lives – that was the consequence. The greatest sin was the betrayal of Arab freedom. Rather than work with “savages” for another hundred years, helping them overcome their tribal lifestyle and herd mentality, enlightening them and bringing them to the civilization of Israel, of Yashar El – the direct path to the God of the Bible, the Oslo architects chose a treaty with Death. They imposed a bandit and a tyrant on Arabs, lavishing money and weapons and international recognition on him, hoping that instead he would bring us security.

(By the way, this was not the only time Israel betrayed her allies. The betrayal of Lebanese Maronite Christians led us to the current quagmire in the North.)

Now let us look at the second cornerstone of the pyramid.

Islamist Feminism

The main cause of Islamic hate for the West lies in the phenomenal sluggishness of Moslem collective conscious and its inability to adjust to the changing times, i.e. to the modern world.

Besides the theological tyranny that for the last ten centuries has prohibited every non-Orthodox interpretation of the Koran, one of the main causes of this sluggishness is gender apartheid – genuine ruthless sex discrimination. In the Islam world, a woman is less than human, and this is the main reason why Moslem men’s are seriously lacking in human-quality department.

It was not an accident that Jewish patriarchs had but one wife: the other half, the promised, the chosen one. Despite formal existence of concubines and Jacob’s second wife, spouses like Sarah, Rebecca, and Rachel exemplified true spiritual partners for their husbands, and this is why their marriages exemplified monogamy. A man enters a genuine dialogue with his one and only wife, his fellow traveler and advisor on the path of life; he is obliged to comprehend this person, so much unlike him, with a different mindset and heart. This effort to understand another person’s mind develops your own mind, makes it more flexible and sensitive to change, and as a result increases adaptivity and competitiveness. Jews owe these qualities to their institution of marriage no less than to their Talmud studies and incessant persecution.

Sharia, on the other hand, codified lust (a good Moslem must follow the prophet, and Mohammad had 16 wives), and polygamy played a bad joke on the faithful. With four wives, you cannot have a true partnership with any one of them. There is no need to understand a woman, because all here desires and her few rights are strictly defined, and so there is no need – in fact it is frowned upon – to seek her advice.

As a result, Islamic joint of the conscious is forever bent in the same position, calcified with spiritual arthritis, and when the time delivers a kick, demanding that the Moslem world straighten itself up from the praying position and start running, they yell with pain and reach for shaheed belts.

Jackson-Vanik, Women Style

A colleague of mine, Jerusalem Summit’s Academic Director Dr. Martin Sherman has written that, instead of armed invasions, the West should have adopted a far more effective policy of influencing the Arab world by means of diplomatic and propaganda pressure. Free trade and diplomatic relations can be in effect only after women (along with religious minorities and liberal Koran interpreters) are granted full equality. Emancipating the subjugated women of the East means an abrupt reduction in birthrate, raising their quality of life, relaxing the mores, and, most importantly, individualizing their conscious within the society, and thus removing the cornerstone and forcing the jail where they have put themselves to crumble.

Israel must work to put this feminist version of the Jackson-Vanik amendment on the American neo-cons’ agenda to be used against the Islamic world.

Israel must bear light to all the suffering, and release to all the prisoners, including hundreds millions women imprisoned in Islam.

I’ll repeat that this would be far more effective than bombardments because before Moslems see the Christians and the Jews as people like themselves, rather than despised infidels, they must implement equality for their own women.

Rather than useless attempts to buy off the Islamic monster with bits and pieces of its already tiny land, this would be the real prophetic act of Israeli politics.

Shrink and Tune Out

Painful to admit, but we should realize that until we do this, we will not be left alone. They will provoke us endlessly until we engage. Because at the bottom of Islamic hate of Israel lies a thirst to be close – a thirst of liberation and “salvation through Jews”.

And the longer Israel refuses to perform its mission and liberate the prisoners of false Islam, the longer it persists in its desire to fence itself off, to separate, to shrink, and to tune out its neighbors, the more they will hate it.

The tragedy is that even Israel’s national camp does not think in these categories. As it refuses to see beyond the River Jordan, it does not even have a vision of future Islam, to say nothing of taking responsibility for its transformation.

Right now our task is to rout Hezbollah. But if we want this to become a preamble for our final victory, wee should set ourselves a more elevated objective. We must realize that Israel is not an avenging force (for the violation of our borders), but a liberating one.

This is our choice: either we’ll be the liberators of Moslems, or we won’t be at all.