Israel’s military plans to build an advanced technology security fence along the border with Egypt.

Israeli officials said the military has been drafting plans for an electronic fence and reconnaissance system that would include physical barriers along the 250 kilometer border with Egypt. They said the fence was meant to stop insurgency infiltration and smuggling from Egypt.

“There were hopes that Egypt would improve security along our border after the Disengagement [Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip],” an official said. “Instead, border security has become worse.”

The only fence between Egypt and Israel spans 12 kilometers and is located north of Eilat. Under the military plan, Israel would establish a fence that would span the entire border from the Red Sea in the south to the Gaza Strip.

Officials said construction of the fence could begin in 2007. They said the project would take at least two years.

The military plan has been termed “Hourglass” and stipulates a fence equipped with infrared and electro-optic systems. Officials said the cameras would provide real-time alerts to infiltration and smuggling attempts.

The project was expected to cost about $220 million, officials said. They said the plan would include the deployment of combat forces along the border.