Hamas has been operating a C2 center to coordinate Kassam-class, short-range missile attacks against Israel. Israeli military sources said Hamas, with help from the Iranian-sponsored Hizbullah, established several such centers in the northern Gaza Strip.

“Hamas has become more sophisticated in its attacks and can communicate with several Kassam missile squads,” a military source said.

Over the weekend, Israel Air Force helicopters struck Hamas missile facilities in the northern Gaza Strip. One of the targets was said to have been a C2 center.

“A structure used as an operations room was targeted in Gaza City, resulting in many secondary explosions, which apparently indicate that the structure also served as a weapons storage facility,” an Israeli military statement said on Saturday.

The statement said the operations room was meant to direct attacks against Israel. The Israeli military did not elaborate.

Israel has also been targeting commanders of the Palestinian Authority’s Executive Force, a 5,000-member unit under the nominal authority of the Interior Ministry. On Saturday, an Israeli AH-64 Apache attack helicopter attacked the home of Ala Uqailan in the Shati refugee camp outside Gaza City.

Uqailan was identified as a commander of the Executive Force. Palestinian sources said the home as well as surrounding buildings were destroyed or damaged.