Daily Archives: January 26, 2007

Inside Fatah: A “Moderate” Entity?

There is a prevailing notion in Western diplomatic circles today that Hamas – and only Hamas – is the stumbling block to a successful negotiation of peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. According to this...

Abbas to use taxes transferred from Israel to pay PA security forces

A senior aide to Mahmoud Abbas said Saturday that the Palestinian Authority chairman will use some of the $100 million in tax rebates recently transferred by Israel to pay overdue salaries of the Palestinian...

Olmert: We Can Thwart Nuclear Threat

--Olmert emphasized, "After the Holocaust, we will not live under an existential threat again." He added, "We have the right to full freedom of action in order to defend our vital interests. I do not suggest that anyone make the mistake of concluding that the restraint and responsibility we are displaying will undermine our determination and our ability to act when necessary. Our desire for peace should not be interpreted as weakness, but as a source of strength. --President Steps Aside