Daily Archives: January 30, 2007

Commentary: How Abbas’s Encouragement to Attack Israel is Being Carried Out

Two weeks ago, at a rally for Fatah, PA president Mahmoud Abbas said, "Let a thousand flowers bloom, and let our rifles, all our rifles, all our rifles, be aimed at the Occupation." Yesterday, shortly...

Abbas condemns Eilat bombing [says bad PR and ineffective]

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has on Tuesday renewed his rejection and condemnation of the bombing operation in Eilat which he portrayed as unnecessary and useless for the Palestinian people. From Cairo, where he is meeting...

Palestinians Unite Behind Terror Attack, As Bomber Fulfils PLO Leader’s Wishes

Three Israeli civilians were murdered by a Palestinian terrorist in Eilat yesterday who was explicitly fulfilling the request of PLO leader Mahmoud Abbas that the Palestinians stop fighting each other and start aiming their...

Suicide Bomber Lull Over

A Palestinian suicide bomber killed three Israelis at a bakery yesterday in the first such attack inside the country in nine months. "This is a grave incident, it's an escalation and we shall treat it as such," said Defense Minister Amir Peretz.