Daily Archives: February 7, 2007

Commentary: Calls for a New Intifada

With everything else, the calls by Arab leaders for a new intifada and the need for all Palestinians to unite against the "outrage" of what Israel is purportedly doing to Islamic holy places is...

Egyptian Failure to Halt Arms Flow from Gaza

Despite Israeli appeals, Egypt has failed to halt the weapons tunnel infrastructure in the eastern Sinai Peninsula. Israeli officials said Egyptian security forces have bolstered troops along the border with Israel to prevent weapons smuggling....

Quiet?Israeli-Palestinian Discussions Underway

--Israelis and Palestinians are making the final preparations for the expected summit in the last week of February with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Abu Mazen and Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. That summit is supposed to be the launching point of negotiations between the two sides, which will be defined as a framework of meetings and reciprocal examination--Hezbollah Bombs--Israeli Foreign Ministry And Security Officials: 'Nasrallah Will Take Over Lebanon'

Hezbollah Secretary General Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah:?Iran Is Aiding Hezbollah With Money And Arms

In a letter that 40 members of the ruling UMP party in France sent to President Jacques Chirac, they wrote that "with financing and support from Iran and Syria, the organization (Hezbollah) constitutes a grave threat to the possibility of a peaceful solution in the region. Hezbollah is responsible for the attacks and for the taking of the captives."