Daily Archives: July 26, 2007

Dozens Injured In Clash Between Hamas And Fatah In Nablus

The university administration canceled classes yesterday and asked the students to leave the university compound for fear of further clashes. The administration blamed the Islamic faction of Hamas for the clashes, because it broke the university laws that forbid political activity on campus since the recent events in Gaza.

Sanitizing Fatah: Revealing What Has Been Covered Up

At a time when the Fatah organization is being presented to the Israeli public and to world opinion as a non-terrorist alternative to the Hamas, the Bar Am Public Relations Agency in Jerusalem has assembled the following list...

Israel’s Immigrant Policies For Africans Seem Suspicious

While the Sudanese would receive medical care, food and housing from the Kibbutzim, the question of their dignity, ethnicity and future is left up in the air.