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Hezbollah Builds New Defenses

In the most significant development in southern Lebanon since the end of the war in 2006, Hezbollah is building a new line of defense north of the Litani River, where UNIFIL has no authority.

Hezbollah Builds New Defenses

Hezbollah terrorists are apparently constructing military fortifications in this area, using caves and digging tunnels, in order to form a new line of defense.

Lebanese Army Helps Hezbollah

Barak told a Knesset committee that Hezbollah has augmented its missile force by 50 percent through shipments from Iran and Syria.

Report: U.S. Funding Hamas Groups

The institute revealed that USAID has failed to screen applicants for U.S. funding to ensure that they were not linked to Hamas and other groups on the State Department terrorist list.

Commentary from Arlene Kushner

Posting: August 27, 2007 "Dose of Reality" Avi Dichter, Minister of Public Security, today said on Army Radio that Egypt's failure to stop the flow of weapons into Gaza is tantamount to support for Hamas. "Any rational...

Washington Institute Report: U.S. Funding Hamas Groups

A report by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy documents that the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has provided funds to institutions controlled by Hamas in the West Bank and Gaza Strip...

UN Resolution 1701 Compromised

In a declassified report released this week and published by the Israeli Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center located at the Israel Intelligence Heritage & Commemoration Center (IICC), security officials make an official claim that...

Israeli Intelligence Think Tank Attacks UK for Providing Sanctuary to Hamas

Just a short time after outgoing British Prime Minister Tony Blair assumed the role of Middle East envoy, The Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center in Herzelia, Israel,,, considered the "public face of Israeli...

Attempted Terror Attack Thwarted

Terrorists SimplY Scaled Wall From Gaza

Boats Raided On Gaza Coast

The attack on the fishing boats continues the sequence of operational successes by the IDF in attacking Palestinian military cells in the past two days, in which 11 armed Palestinians were killed.