Monthly Archives: August 2007

Europe To Talk With Hamas

"There is reason for hope," said the delegation leader, Rep. Steny Hoyer, who went on to say that "the PA leadership is opposed to terrorism and will vigorously act against it."

Netanyahu Sweeps Likud Race

Early figures from the Likud primaries yesterday indicated that Benyamin Netanyahu, who graduated Cheltenham High School in June 1967, was re-elected as the Likud party head with 73 percent of the vote.

Jerusalem Shooting Footage Released

The Jerusalem police released footage of the shooting incident on Friday near Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem's Old City in order to dispel allegations that Ahmed Mahmoud el-Khatib was shot to death for no reason.

Genesis of an Anti-Semitic State

Imagine, if you would, that a nascent nation state, somewhere in the world, was in formation that had taken on these features: Its new constitution would not allow for any juridical status for Judaism. Jews would...

Incisive Commentary from Arlene Kushner, Augu. 5th-10th, 2007

Posting: August 10, 2007 "Our IDF" I want to return here to the issue of soldiers who refused to participate in evicting Hevron residents from the marketplace, Mitzpe Shalhevet. The story as it was widely presented, was...

Genesis Of An Anti-Semitic State

The Bulletin asked spokespeople of the Israeli prime minister, foreign minister and defense minister if they would ask a new Palestinian state to cancel its anti-Semitic curriculum. The spokespeople for the Israeli government provided a clear answer: "This is not on the agenda."

Palestinian President Expresses Support For Hezbollah On Air

In an interview on al Arabiya TV on Sunday, the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas voiced strong support for "the resistance" in Lebanon. Abbas said that he and his people "definitely perceive the resistance...

A Principal Of The Amit Schools In Sderot: Anatomy Of Hope, Education Under Fire

As you leave Edrei's office, you see the pictures on the wall in corridor: Pictures of Amit students visiting concentration camps. The students wrote under their collage of pictures: Where was the world when this was happening? Where was the army to save us when this occurred?

U.S.-Saudi Arabia Arms Deal Is Viewed As Threat To Israel

After initial comments by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert that the American-Saudi deal was simply a gesture to a moderate Arab regime, Israeli officials issued a clear statement of condemnation of the deal as "counterproductive...

Israel Plans To Launch Spy Satellit

Techstar will be able to track Iran's nuclear compounds and Syria's rocket bases 24 hours a day, almost without limitations.