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Incisive Commentary

Posting: December 31, 2007 "Setting Priorities" That is what I've had to do in recent days, my friends. I have refrained from taking the time to post because I have beeen at work on a major...

Christians Walking With Fear In The Holiest Of Lands

On a crisp sunny day, Jerusalem's Latin Patriarch Michel Sabah was preparing for the Christmas Eve midnight mass that has been held every year for centuries in the holiest Christian site on earth -...

Incisive Analysis

Posting: December 23, 2007 "Fatah" In case there was even the slightest doubt in anyone's mind -- in case anyone might have wondered if maybe, just maybe, Fatah was moderating -- allow me to provide this...

Christians Uneasy In Bethlehem

Fear Grows As Relations With Muslims Fall Apart

Bhutto’s Husband Asked Israel For Help With Security

Israeli officials held many discussions about Bhutto's request.