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Shmuel Sackett Co-Founder & International Director

Clouds of corruption – coupled with a lack of attachment to their Jewish roots – hover over the offices of recent Israeli leaders, leading most clear-thinking observers to raise questions as to their motives in furthering the fraudulent œpeace processÂ. While Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert works night and day to avoid indictment by offering pieces of Israel to our mortal enemies, his government continues to harass those Jews who remain faithful to their divinely-given land and their heritage.

Shimshon Cytryn is now headed back to jail for eight more months for the crime of attacking an Arab during an anti-Disengagement rally in 2005, but his real crime was opposing the entire Israeli establishment by opposing Ariel Sharon’s Disengagement. The unhurt (according to various news reports) Arab œvictim stated in court that his attacker was not Cytryn, yet in an incredible determination the Israeli judge (there are no juries in Israel) sentenced him to fifteen months in prison (of which he has already served seven months). The Arab even stated that his attacker was an IDF soldier, who was certainly not protesting. The judge also quickly dismissed the multiple eyewitness reports which stated that the Arab and his comrades are the ones who commenced the altercation with rock attacks on the Jewish protesters (among them Cytryn), who then defended themselves.

In 2005, prominent Israeli newspapers stated publicly that Ariel Sharon’s corruption could wait to be reported on until after Sharon destroys the Jewish presence in Gaza with his so-called œDisengagement (read œExpulsionÂ) Plan. Instead of impartial reporting, these media outlets including every major Israeli newspaper and all major television stations joined the Prime Minister as his chorus in his quest to hand parts of the Land of Israel to Israel’s bitter enemies. The Israeli Supreme Court even ruled in 2005 that the Disengagement Law violated the Human and Civil rights of those Jews being expelled from their homes, but that the law was legal anyway. The Court’s basis for declaring Sharon’s Expulsion legal was that since the Jews of Gaza lived outside of œ1967 IsraelÂ, they were not entitled to have any Human or Civil rights.

It is now almost universal wisdom to note that Sharon’s Disengagement was an utter failure for Israel. In 2005, though, one had to be able to look past the media proselytizers to see that this would be the result. By standing against Sharon, Mr. Cytryn was trying to save Jewish lives, save the Land of Israel, and save the state of Israel.

What type of justice is this when Olmert and his cronies walk free to continue giving away the Land of Israel at the expense of more and more Jewish lives? Since Yitzhak Rabin’s infamous handshake with the Jew-murderer Yasser Arafat in 1993, more Jews have been murdered in terrorist attacks in Israel than in the previous 45 years of the existence of the state.

We bemoan the fact that Shimon Peres and/or his delegates flouted the Israeli law of treason by meeting with the PLO at the same time as his Oslo-partner Rabin publicly pledged never to do so. Peres who continues to this day to call murdered Jews œsacrifices for peace has never been indicted for this treason, and yet a Jew who is loyal to his Land and his Creator is incarcerated.

Unfortunately, it is not just Mr. Cytryn being attacked by the system. It has become commonplace for Jews who oppose Israeli withdrawals to be been jailed on imaginary or trumped-up charges in order to create an atmosphere of fear amongst protesters. Labor Unionists, left-wingers, and truckers all block roads and they are given but a slap on the wrist by the courts. However, Land of Israel loyalists block the same roads and they are thrown in jail for months and even years. Attorney General Mazuz described them as being the most dangerous enemy of the state of Israel.

Olmert showed his further distaste for Jews loyal to the Land of Israel in 2006. At a community called Amona, Olmert sent his œpolice to evict nine Jewish families from their homes. Olmert’s courts stated that the land Amona was built upon was owned by Arabs even though no Arabs had ever put in a claim on the property. Olmert refused the residents’ offer to leave their homes within seven days, and he subsequently sent his œofficers to proceed with the eviction. During this action, his œpolice took the law into their own hands to beat up and send 325 Jewish protesters to hospitals – most with broken bones and/or head injuries. Olmert’s police even sent 3 Knesset Members to hospitals. Two years after the fact, not one of those who gave the orders or who implemented them has been brought to justice despite the vast amount of existing videotape of the event.

Paradoxically, as the government of Israel runs to carry out the wishes of œworld opinionÂ, as was the case with the Disengagement, worldwide anti-Semitism grows more virulent and pronounced. However, when Israel has previously acted strongly such as during the Six-Day War of 1967 the world respected Israel and anti-Semitism went down.

It is time for Israel to throw out its present justice system which is solely based on political considerations. It is time for Israel to act in its own interests and in accordance with our heritage. It is time for Israel to get a œreal justice system one based on Jewish values. A system truly based on œjustice.