The Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center at the Israel Intelligence Heritage & Commemoration Center (IICC) has declassified an intelligence report of masses of women in Gaza being trained for combat and suicide bombing attacks against Israel.

The report, considered an unusual revelation, was found within the Intelligence and Terrorism Center’s Web site at It describes a major role contemplated for women by the ruling Hamas terror organization in the next round of fighting against Israel.

As part of the military buildup of Palestinian terrorist organizations in Gaza, which continue on a large scale even when the current lull in the fighting is in place, each of the terrorist organizations provide military training to women, teenagers, and even little girls.

These women are being trained to fire small arms, launch RPG rockets, throw grenades; they also are learning techniques behind ambushes and how to blow themselves up near Israelis using explosive belts.

In the view of the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, Hamas views the use of women for combat activities with considerable operational advantages, because of the relative ease with which they can operate without raising suspicions, both in Gaza, during IDF operations, and if and when they perpetrate terrorist attacks in Israel itself.

Over the past two weeks, Hamas allowed media coverage of women combat training, which is taking place during the current lull in the fighting.

Hamas allowed a Lebanese TV correspondent and, prior to that, an Al-Jazeera TV correspondent to film and interview women terrorist training exercises.

The women interviewed and featured on the media undergo defensive training and offensive training, such as firing rockets and perpetrating suicide bombing attacks.

It is the assessment of the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center that such public messages about women in combat training are designed to deter Israel from launching attacks against Gaza in the future.