[American military advisors who now train PLO terrorists – supposedly to fight Hamas, at a time when the same PLO remains in intense reconciliation talks with Hamas. That means one thing: The US government trains the PLO to kill Jews – DB]

U.S. giving Palestinian security forces top-level training

The United States has been training senior Palestinian security officials in an advanced officers course in Ramallah for top-brass, Haaretz has learned.

The new course, entitled “senior leaders’ course,” is a two-month long program conducted in Ramallah with the assistance and supervision of the U.S., and is part of the project overseen by the U.S. security coordinator in the territories, Gen. Keith Dayton.

So far, the program has produced 80 graduates divided into two 40-student classes. A third class, made up of commanders from the Palestinian National Security – the largest security force with 15,000 members, tasked with policing borders, providing military intelligence, military police services and presidential security – is currently being trained in Jordan.

That class is undergoing special training by Jordanian instructors under American auspices. Most students so far have been army lieutenant colonels and colonels, but the course also accepted commanders from the civilian police, the general intelligence service, the preventative security force and the civilian defense authority. www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/1077216.html


  1. I am saddend by the U.S.A. training troops that in the end will fight aginst Isreal. I had always thought that we stood behind Isreal, but now I see throu clearer eyes. It says in our Bible that whoever divides Isreal will be crused and who ever blesses Israel shall be blessed. May we have the strength to stand by you at this important time.

  2. I agree with Dennis, the Bible clearly states that we should support Israel. I think God will pass judgment on us for not doing so. You can’t say You’re going to help them, then do the opposite. We need to do what god commands us to do, not what man wants to do!


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