“Irrefutable Evidence”

I begin today with a link to a shortened version (a trailer) to a new video called, “For the Sake of Nakba,” produced by the Center for Near East Policy Research.


Please! Take five minutes to see it, bookmark it, and share it absolutely as widely as you can.

Regularly I receive links to various videos that are referred to as “must see.” Or, “this will blow your mind.” All of this, and more, applies to this trailer. Let’s get the movement started, and let’s see this making the rounds of the Internet.


“Nakba” means catastrophe in Arabic, and it is how the Arabs refer to the founding of Israel. In this film you will see how UNRWA — that purportedly benign humanitarian agency that cares for the poor suffering refugees — promotes “the right of return” and the destruction of Israel via jihad.

Everyone but everyone needs to have this information in order to be well informed.

In fact, while you are sharing this, please make certain that your elected officials in Congress have the information. Provide the link, and the one short paragraph of explanation, above, about Nakba and what you will see in the film. Ask your elected officials what they are doing to block UNRWA’s current policies. The US provides UNRWA with more than 30% of its budget — Congress has clout, if it chooses to use it.

For your Congresspersons:


For your Senators:


Ask everyone you send this to, to do the same. A groundswell of protest can make a difference and Congressional action on UNRWA would have a huge impact on the situation here.