What about building Global Centre for Peace instead?

The Winnipeg Jewish Review was invited to a press conference held by Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff recently in the latter part of August while he was in Winnipeg.

I attended and took the opportunity to ask Ignatieff whether he supported the building of the controversial proposed Mosque at Ground Zero near where the Twin Towers fell in the September 11 terrorist attack.

Ignatieff responded that he would support the building of the Mosque and if any teachings of hatred towards other people were noticed, then he would call for further actions, including the closure of the Mosque.

He said “The downtown construction would lead to a faith based understanding and dialogue.”

Ignatieff explained that many people of different faiths died on September 11, and therefore he would support the building of the Mosque to eliminate Islamaphobia.

While I certainly respect Mr ignatieff’s position, my personal opinion is different than his stated position.

My personal opinion is that we should build a global temple where people can learn about all religions so that messages of peace, acceptance, and tolerance of the other could spread throughout the world. I believe that the twin towers when rebuilt should become a monument of peace and that a Center For Peace situated where the Mosque was supposed to go ought to be built to showcase all religions not only one religion. The goal of this proposed Center For Peace is to promote messages of tolerance and acceptance of all peoples,and work towards a world free of hatred and discrimination.