Paul Larudee, senior activist of the pro-Hamas movements Free Palestine (FPM) Free Gaza (FGM) and International Solidarity (ISM), told the Iranian PressTV that plans were being made to send a plane to the Gaza Strip and to raise international awareness of the so-called “right of return” of the Palestinians. He said the following:

  • The FPM wanted to buy, for half a million dollars, a plane constructed in Poland and able to take off and land on a short runway in difficult terrain. The organization intended to land it in the Gaza Strip on one of the roads leading to the Israeli settlements, or some other place in the Gaza Strip (PressTV, October 19, 2010).

  • The FPM intended to fly as many Palestinian volunteers as possible to the airport [by implication, Ben-Gurion International Airport in Israel] where “they will insist on their rights as Palestinian refugees” and ask to “return to their homes.” He claimed that there were already 100 volunteers and that “no one will forget this plane,” because it would be extensively covered by the media (PressTV, October 19, 2010).3

  • Freedom Fleet 2: Several of the organizers of the upgraded flotilla of the anti-Israel coalition called Freedom Fleet 2 announced that they expected the flotilla to set sail between March and May 2011. They said it would be composed of between 12 and 20 ships with volunteers from Australia, Belgium, Canada, France, Greece, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Holland, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and one ship of volunteers from the United States, which would sail under the American flag. According to the organizers, the flotilla is expected to sail from a number of ports at the same time and contacts to that end are being held with Spain, Greece, Italy, various Arab countries, Turkey and Cyprus. Concerning the provision of the ships, the organizers have said that “more than 12 European countries and between eight and ten Arab countries are working on it” (Al-Quds, October 21; Agence France-Presse, October 19; the Voice of Palestine radio, October 20, 2010).