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“Nor can any Muslim or Arab or Palestinian, and for whatever reason, give up
a single stone or corn dust from the Wailing Wall or other holy places,
because that would be a concession on the Temple Mount, Jerusalem and the
holy sites”

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WAFA (PLO news agency) 11/22/2010 RAMALLAH – A study prepared by Dr..
Mutawakkil Taha, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Information, the
eligibility of Muslims in the Wailing Wall, and that is an integral part of
the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Haram al-Sharif, and refuted allegations of
Jewish ownership.

Dr. Taha, in his study published on Monday, ‘The Wailing Wall to stop the
Islamic family’ Boumediene ‘Algerian Maghreb Muslim, not a single stone back
to the reign of King Solomon, and the corridor object when the wall is not a
path-year-old, but was established only for the passage of residents of the
locality of Moroccans and other Muslims in the mosque, they go to the Gym,
and then to the Haram al-Sharif, was to allow the Jews to the wall behavior,
such as the tolerance in the decree issued by Ibrahim Pasha in the year
1840, and not to perform the prayers’.

The following is the text of the study:
Accelerate these days occupation measures against the Palestinian land and
holy sites, especially against the Temple Mount, and particularly the
Wailing Wall, which is the western wall of Al-Aqsa Mosque, which claims the
Zionist occupation, falsely, his ownership of this wall, which he calls the
Wailing Wall or Alcutil.

And we here this study we have made, which explains in a scientific,
objective and impartial, the eligibility of the Muslims through this wall,
which will remain the Wailing Wall, which is not entitled to one that
identifies with the Zionist claim to ownership of, or waive it under any
pretext or in a suit.

Systems Jews demonstration in Tel Aviv on the occasion of the so-called
memory of the destruction of the Temple in August 14 (August) 1929, and
followed it the next day a big demonstration in the streets of Jerusalem is
not unprecedented, until they reached near the Wailing Wall, and there
raised the Israeli flag, and took singing anthem Zionist ‘ Hatikva ‘(Hope),
and insulted the Muslims, and shot cries of defiance and provocation, and
they said’ Hcutil Kutleno ‘, ie’ our wall, the wall ‘, and demanded restore
it, claiming that the remaining wall of Solomon’s temple.

The next day, which was the anniversary of Prophet Mohammad’s birth, he went
the people of Jerusalem and surrounding villages on the habit to perform
Friday prayers at Al Aqsa Mosque, and after the prayer, worshipers in a
demonstration involving thousands of Muslims, and turned towards the Wailing
Wall, and smashed a table of the Jews was placed on the sidewalk, and burned
some papers that contain the texts of Jewish prayers placed in the holes of
the wall.

After several days of frequent news about the intention of the Zionists, an
attack on the Wailing Wall and the occupation to install their right to
ownership of, and flow of Muslims in Palestine to Jerusalem for Friday
prayers in 23 of the same month, carrying sticks and clubs, and when he went
worshipers, they found a gathering Zionist defying, fell clashes and violent
confrontations between the parties, and opened the British police fire on
the Arab public, and entered the armored British Jerusalem, and in the
following days, widened the bloody confrontations Vcmmelt various
Palestinian cities, and the outcome of what was known as ‘Buraq Revolution’
death of 133 Jews and wounded 239 of them, and the death of 116 Muslims and
injured 232 people, and extensive damage to villages and property.. On 17
June 1930, executed by the British Mandate authorities, in Acre prison, the
leaders of Buraq Revolution: Zeer Atta, Mohammed Jamjoom, Fouad Hijazi.

The outcome of these demonstrations on the establishment of the Assembly of
‘guarding the Al-Aqsa Mosque’ which has spread its branches in most
Palestinian cities and co-Christians with the leaders of the National
Movement for Defending the Palestinian territories, have been elected in
that period, the Executive Committee of the Conference of Islamic and
Christian, which made several overseas visits to Arab countries and some
European capitals warns the danger of Al-Aqsa Mosque, and attempts to build
a Jewish temple on its ruins them.

Following the unrest and revolution, a remnant of the British government
sent a commission of inquiry, known as the ‘Commission on Shaw’, relative to
its Chairman, and among its recommendations, Shaw recommended to send an
international commission of inquiry into the subject of the rights of Arabs
and Jews in the Wall. On 15 May 1930, the Board of the League of Nations to
the persons who were nominated by Britain’s membership of the Committee.

Reached the International Commission of Inquiry into Jerusalem on 19 June of
the same year, and established the month as a whole, was held during which
23 meetings, followed, during which the assets of judicial customary in the
British courts, and heard representatives of the parties the Arab and
Jewish, and 52 witnesses (30 called by the Arabs and 22 called by the Jews)
and highlighted by the parties during the meetings of 61 documents (26
documents submitted by the Arabs and 35 and a document submitted by the
Jews), and the defense team of the Arab right to Jerusalem is impressive,
and participated in the defense group of the men of the country with access
wide on the current status of the holy places.

The main problem faced by the Committee that day is to try to Zionist groups
heart of the ‘status quo’ for the holy places, as it focused its efforts
from the outset on the Wailing Wall, following the methods of gradual upward
end to the claim of the right of Jews in the ownership of ‘Wailing Wall’,
The stage was The first of those Jews plan to bring chairs, lamps, and
curtains on the former is their habit, and the development of these tools
against a wall to make a precedent to enable them to claim a property right
which put them these tools, and then the ownership of the wall.

The documents provided by Haj Amin al-Husseini to the International
Committee, a document dating back to the time of the Egyptian Government,
dated 24 Ramadan 1256 for Migration (1840 AD), from the Chairman of the
Advisory Board Muhammad Sharif Ahmed Agha Aldsdar, recipient of Jerusalem,
and to prevent Jews from paving the sidewalk next to to the wall, and warn
them from raising their voices and show him the articles, some Jews have
questioned the validity of this document, however, that Dr.. Asad Rustum,
Professor of History Eastern American University of Beirut, a member of the
Academy of Lebanon, studied this document, using the rich experience and
systematic research authentic, and sent a result of his study with
documentation comparable to Haj Amin Husseini, the Mufti of Palestine in
1930, assured him in the end, it is stated: ‘ Based on what we know from the
type and leaves and the base of their approach and method of its
establishment and the way Tnumeirha and its history, and with the consent of
the historical texts to her and the attention of Jews Bokrbp structure,
Nrana forced to tip the Osalitha likely fully scientifically ‘.

The Wailing Wall southern part of the western wall of the Haram Al-Sharif, a
length of about (47 meters and a height of about 17 meters), did not take
the Jews a place of worship at any time except after the issuance of the
Balfour Declaration in 1917.. This was not part of the wall of the
so-called Jewish Temple, but the Islamic tolerance is the one who enabled
the Jews to stand in front of him, and crying over the demise, the demise of
the Jewish state’s alleged short-term in antiquity.

According to the Jewish Encyclopedia, published in 1917, the Western Wall
became part of the Jewish religious tradition around the year 1520 AD, as a
result of Jewish immigration from Spain, after the Ottoman conquest the year

In the era of the British Mandate over Palestine increased visits by Jews to
the wall, so that Muslims felt Bouktarham and signed Buraq Revolution as of
08/23/1929, which killed dozens of Muslims, which killed a large number of
Jews, and has become even participated in a number of Palestinian cities,
which resulted in juvenile Cklel an international commission to determine
the rights of Muslims and Jews in the Wailing Wall, and the Committee was
headed by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Sweden, former ‘allele to Ovgren’,
and the membership of Vice President of International Court of Justice,
former Swiss ‘Charles cool’, and after an investigation by the Committee to
listen to the viewpoints Arab-Islamic, Jewish, and developed a report in
1930, submitted to the League of Nations expressed the right of Muslims who
are not compromised when the ownership of the Wailing Wall.

It is the Jews who heard them, the ICRC, Dr. Mordechai Alyash and David
Yellin and Rabbi Moshe Blau, and Dr. Cyrus Adler, and some Jewish leaders in
Jerusalem, a written memorandum explaining the point of view on the Jewish
Wailing Wall. It is the Arabs who heard by the Commission, Awni Abdul Hadi,
Ahmad Zaki Pasha, Mohamed Ali Pasha, Sheikh Ismail Al-Hafiz, and highlighted
the Commission documents and documents several, have been arguments that the
Jewish Wailing Wall is a remnant of the Temple, and that ‘Alkutl Maravi’ can
not be destroyed at all, because the divine presence ‘Hchinp’ constant
always, therefore, Jews wishing to pray in front of this wall, and mourned
the destruction of the Temple which was in (August 9 Hebrew). He said that
the Jews use tools Kalmhad, and Star to separate men from women and the
Treasury include the book of the Torah, and lamps of the rite, and basin for
washing, it was common at the wall, and allowed the Ottoman government
before the outbreak of World War I. Long, according to this argument must be
considered this situation as is the current situation. They said that the
Article (15) of the instrument of the British Mandate eliminate the
Mandatory to ensure the Jews freedom of worship at the wall by the way
imposed in their rituals and religious rites without the slightest
interference from the Arabs, and we must prevent the Arabs from the
inconvenience of Jews during prayers, whether to pass at the wall, or voice
call to prayer, or a male near the wall. In spite of all these demands did
not call Jews the ownership of the wall, but of a different type of property
that can not be holy trafficking.

He said the Jews, the story of bright dating back to several generations
after the time of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and the bright
yet to come mentioned in the Qur’an, there is no sanctity of the pier
located in front of the wall of the fact that the Prophet – peace be upon
him – passed by for the night, he did not want mentioned in the Scriptures,
and that Muslims did not call the name of Buraq on the wall only in recent
years, and the Official Guide to the Temple Mount which was issued by the
Muslim Council of 1924 did not refer to the sanctity of private to the wall,
and said the endowment hot Moroccans do not affect the Jews Pferod worship
at the Wall.

On the basis of these allegations, requested the Jews from the Commission to
recognize that the Wailing Wall (as Prince) a sacred place for Jews
throughout the world, and decide that the Jews have a right to go to the
wall to pray according to their religious rituals, without objection from
one, and to take all necessary measures to evacuate the property to stop
Moroccan to accept the Islamic Waqf in lieu thereof new buildings at the
site of living in Jerusalem.

The summary statements of Ahmed Zaki Pasha, Mohamed Ali Pasha, they made on
behalf of the Muslims, it is that the Islamic nation officially announced,
and in all circumstances, non-recognition of the British mandate over
Palestine. Accordingly, they do not want to be constrained by any system
derived from this assignment, nor acknowledge any result due to the
so-called ‘national homeland for the Jews’, as Muslims decided that the
dispute on the ownership of places of worship, or the rights of defendants
out on these places, must be lifted to the competent body without the other
in order to separate endowment and Islamic holy places.

The arguments made by the Islamic group was that the Romans expelled the
Jews from Palestine following the destruction of the Emperor ‘Titus’ Temple
of the year 70 AD, and remove its effects by the emperor ‘Hadrian’ in 135
AD, then the rule of the Byzantines the country until the Islamic conquest
in the time of Caliph Umar ibn al-Khattab, and continued the country in the
hands of Arabs and Muslims, generation after generation with the exception
of ninety years rule of the Crusaders, and was not Palestine in the seventh
century AD when the Muslims conquered Jewish, was not in Jerusalem, no Jew,
had not been subjected Muslims to the Jews any harm, but respect them, and
did not call the Jews in day that they have a right to the Wailing Wall, and
the Balfour Declaration, 1917, is the reason for the occurrence of the
dispute and to incite the Jews to claim the right to pray in front of the

The Wailing Wall is an integral part of the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Haram
al-Sharif, which is an Islamic family ‘Boumediene’ Algerian Maghreb Muslim,
not a single stone back to the reign of King Solomon, and the corridor
object when the wall is not a path-year-old, but was established only for
the passage of residents of the locality Moroccans and other Muslims in the
mosque, they go to the Gym, and then to the Haram al-Sharif, was to allow
the Jews to conduct such as the wall of tolerance in the decree issued by
Ibrahim Pasha in the year 1840, and not to perform the prayers.

The application of the current situation in the Holy Places has no
connection to Al-Buraq Wall, because the right to ownership or use of
revenue for the Muslims, and the extent of tolerance is that owners can be
shown in bright, can not exceed the limits Ieinnounaa. The Colonel ‘Saems’
has acknowledged this when it such as the State Delegate to the Permanent
Mandates Commission at its fifty-ninth of the year 1926, where he said:’

Traditionally the Jews to go to the Western Wall to cry for the greatness of
Israel, that the site that gets down in tears return to stop Islamic.. If
the Jews are permitted to go to this place, it follows that the site is
theirs’. He pointed out that Muslims in the Mandatory White Paper issued in
November (November) of 1928 explicitly recognized that the Western Wall and
the surrounding area Muslims, especially the king.

Thus, the Jews tried in 1929 to support the claims by force, even carry out
their real intentions and put their hands on is an integral part of the
Haram al-Sharif, and although they said to the ICRC that they do not claim a
property right in the wall, they were throwing in fact, to this end, This
confirms what came to the knowledge Ritanip, who says: ‘or the results of
the biggest draws the attention and care generated by the emergence of
anti-Semitic movement towards national awakening in the political appearance
of Jews, a movement known as Zionism.. The Jews look to the redemption of
Israel, and the meeting of the Jewish people in Palestine, and the
restoration of the Jewish state, and Iap building structure, and the
establishment of custom daoudi in Jerusalem again, and by the prince from
the seed of David ‘.

Achtmmt The International Committee of its report the following results:
‘for Muslims alone owned the Western Wall and the right kind, because it
constitutes an integral part of the Temple Mount, which is the property of
the Islamic Waqf. For Muslims, also owned by the sidewalk in front of the
wall, in front of the camp known Moroccan sailors, being suspended by the
provisions of Islamic law ‘.

But the occupation authorities, and after the 1967 war, and captured the Old
City of Jerusalem, demolished the Moroccan Quarter, and captured the Western
Wall directly, and established a large courtyard paved in front of the wall
to accommodate Jews who come to pray in front of the wall, and in this arena
today there first section of the tunnel famous hole occupation authorities
parallel to the western wall of the Haram al-Sharif length of about 488
meters, and swept him an ancient Roman channel length of 80 meters, and
opened a second door at the end of the tunnel at the nursery school of the
Islamic year 1996.

Even among the Jews themselves, appear sometimes sounds take off sacred
Jewish ‘Wailing Wall’, and considers that nothing to do with the Jewish
religion on this site, due to the absence of any connection between him and
the law of Moses, and in these days, turned some Jews-minded people to
recall the preclusion of that sacred. For example, the published remarks of
Rabbi Jehoram false, Secretary of the Council of Progressive Judaism, in the
first issue of the magazine ‘Btelm’ Jewish issued by this Council, the
summer of 1999, under the title ‘Is it important to pray specifically at the
Wailing Wall?!’. It said Rabbi forged in this article that there is no
sanctity to the Western Wall in Judaism, and that he refuses to concerts
puberty or any other rituals there, “said Rabbi false: ‘We meet throughout
the day people in this place, praying at the site who Kdsuh’. He added:
‘It’s like the worship of idols, and to the Council of Progressive Rabbis in
Israel choose another location for the prayer of the Jews’.

There are many studies published by the specialists Jews, and confirms that
the Biblical narrative, lacking any archaeological evidence, including
studies Professor Jewish Israel Finkelstein, head of the Department of
Archaeology at Tel Aviv University, and his colleague David or Ssehchin,
which affirmed that Jerusalem was built in the reign of Solomon, but before
hundred years, and that this Covenant is very vague, and there is no support
as stated in the ‘Old Testament’ on it.

From the above, you can draw one’s attitude is not flawless, and has no
alternative to the Wailing Wall, a wall of Islamist and an integral part of
the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Haram al-Sharif.

Not everyone has a right to claim ownership of, or are being altered by
changes to its features, or to confer upon the features of a new torpedo his

Nor can any one be approved by the Occupying Power of its procedures of
racism and unjust and Fezaatha against history and holy sites, or to bless
these massacres against the Wailing Wall and the Islamic and Christian

Nor can any Muslim or Arab or Palestinian, and for whatever reason, to give
up a single stone or corn dust from the Wailing Wall or other holy places,
because that would be a concession on the Temple Mount, Jerusalem and the
holy sites.

We highly appreciate the consistent position of the Palestinian and Arab and
Muslim world, who defends the Buraq and Al-Aqsa and all Islamic and
Christian sanctities in Palestine, what we emphasize this position, and call
upon all the factors deepen and longevity.

M. B

Palestine News & Information Agency – WAFA