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Al Qassam website- In response to Al Shijaiya massacre committed by Israeli
occupation and caused of killing 4 Palestinian civilians, including
children, Palestinian resistance factions launched on Wednesday March 23,
2011 number of Grad missiles and mortars on the Israeli military bases and
settlements near the Gaza border.

Palestinian resistance factions in Gaza headed by Al Qassam Brigades vowed
to avenge the death of eight Palestinian martyrs who were killed on Tuesday
by Israeli occupation tanks and air jets.

Al Quds Brigades, the Military wing of the Islamic Jihad declared that the
Brigades will avenge the assassination of 4 Jihad members who were
assassinated by Israeli fighter jets east of al Zeitoon neighborhood east of
Gaza city.

Israeli media sources reported that Grad missiles hit the Be’er Sheva city
and south of Ashdod, while other mortar shells hit the border settlements
adjacent to the Gaza border in kibbutzim Alumim and Sa’ad.

Schools in Be’er Sheva were closed Wednesday following the Grad attack,
Israeli sources said.

The Islamic Jihad movement claimed responsibility for the Grad rocket that
fell at 5:30 am on Israeli settlements. A statement issued by the
organization said, “This is an initial reaction to the Zionist crimes
against our people in Gaza.”