In July, 2010, We reported on a Knesset hearing concerning the use of Palestinian Authority school books in Jerusalem:


Israeli government has now acted to remove PA school books from the Jerusalem curriculum. We know this from Palestinian Authority sources.

JERUSALEM, March 22, 2011 (WAFA – PLO news agency) – Academic figures in
Jerusalem confirmed on Tuesday the adherence to Palestinian curriculum in
Jerusalem which they have been trying to maintain since the occupation in

Their statement came after the Israeli Ministry of Education decided to
replace the Palestinian curriculum in the schools of Jerusalem with the
Israeli curriculum.

The resolution was issued on March 7; which states that all schools must
purchase the Israeli new supervised and improved curriculum for 2011-2012,
thus canceling the Palestinian curriculum in East Jerusalem as a way of
applying the Israeli law of school supervision issued in 1969. However the
Islamic schools that are financed by al-Awqaf ministry are not included in
the resolution.

They considered the Ministry’s decision a step towards Judaizing East
Jerusalem, starting with the education sector.

The director of Education in Jerusalem, Samir Jibril, refused the Israeli
resolution and asserted that “the curriculum is one the rights that the
Israeli side is not entitled to interfere, considering this step as a
prelude to impose the Israeli curriculum in East Jerusalem.

Jibiril demanded the schools’ administrations not to deal with the Israeli
resolution and called the private schools to take a national decision by
continuing to teach the Palestinian curriculum without any deletion or
change in the content. He also said “The Palestinian curriculum is a one
unit that has been prepared in an integrated manner and any deletion in any
line can make it distorted”.

He explained that the Israeli municipality and ministry of education sell
the books to its schools after deleting some parts of it and the Palestinian
Authority’s logo thus selling it at high prices as well as preventing the
schools from teaching certain books.

He said that the Israeli side tries in every time to intervene in any way to
impose their curriculum and deprive the students from their right to express
their identity, adding:“there is a decision of criminalizing who mentions
the Nakba in 1948 or the setback in 1967.

Jerusalem schools are divided by the knowledge supervising authorities to 52
schools of the Israeli municipality of West Jerusalem, 55 private school, 37
schools which belong to al-Awqaf ministry and eight schools to the UNERWA
(United Nations Relieve and Works Agency). Moreover, many educational
institutions said that about 40 thousand students study in the schools of
the Israeli municipality’s education department.