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[Israeli Law Prof. Eliav Schochetman pointed out seven years ago that if and when a government enforces the law against only one ethnic group, this defies the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. See:

Radio Commentary from David Bedein on the applicability of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to this situation:

Israel’s military plans a crackdown on Jewish housing in the West Bank.

The Israeli military’s Civil Administration has ordered an increase in the demolition of unlicensed Jewish homes in the West Bank. The order by Civil Administration commander Brig. Gen. Mordechai Almoz said the policy would not include unlicensed Arab construction.

“We are very far from equality and enforcement until we feel that we are acting against illegal Israeli building,” the memorandum by Almoz said. “I request to stop all enforcement against Palestinians.”

The memo was leaked to the Israeli media on Sept. 6 and came amid the renewal of the demolition of Jewish homes in the West Bank. On Sept. 3, three Jewish houses were destroyed by the Civil Administration.

Titled “Summer Camp Is Over,” the memo said the Civil Administration must prepare for a campaign to demolish numerous unlicensed Jewish homes in the West Bank. Almoz said this would require a large amount of police and military forces.

“We will try to convince the powers-to-be that we need to act in difficult place and in large numbers,” the memo said.

The Civil Administration has withheld building permits in most Jewish communities in the West Bank for at least five years. In 2009, the
government of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu declared a housing freeze in most of Jerusalem and the West Bank in an effort to renew negotiations with the Palestinian Authority. There are nearly one million Jews in the affected areas.

Over the last year, officials said, the Civil Administration has demolished more Jewish than Palestinian structures in the West Bank. They
said 363 Jewish homes were destroyed and 248 Palestinian structures were destroyed.

Members of parliament and the government said they would investigate the Civil Administration order. Diaspora Affairs Minister Yuli Edelstein has
demanded that Almoz explain the memo to Defense Minister Ehud Barak.

“On the face of it, this document contains clear threats to single out Jewish residents for harsher treatment,” Edelstein, who lives in the West Bank, said.

Officials, however, said the Civil Administration has been encouraged by Barak to launch a crackdown on Jewish construction in the West Bank. They acknowledged that the military as well as government have ignored tens of thousands of unlicensed Palestinian structures.

“What appears in this document is a direct contradiction to statements from the government to the court,” parliamentarian Zev Elkin, chairman of a
subcommittee that monitors the West Bank, said. “Facts on the ground show discrimination against Jews in enforcement of illegal building in Judea and Samaria [West Bank].”


  1. It is often hurled certain communities that they are wrong in rejecting the legitimacy of the State of Israel on religious grounds because of the principle of DINA MALCHUTA DINA. The problem with this is that from the very beginnings of the State there has always been two sets of laws; the official ones that are enforced on "ordinary" people and the unofficial ones that allow the "special" people to do whatever they want. One of the key elements in DINA MALCHUTA DINA is that the law applies to everyone equally. If a law only applies to Jews, we are not under any obligation to follow it. It is long over due for the MAMLACHTI crowd to understand this and draw the appropriate conclusions.


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