Israel’s military has determined that an Iranian proxy acquired a long-range rocket.

The Israeli military has assessed that the Iranian-sponsored Islamic Jihad received the Fajr-3 or Fajr-5 rocket from Teheran. Fajr-3 has a range of 43 kilometers and Fajr-5 can fly 75 kilometers, making central Israel a target for Jihad rocket strikes.

“We believe that Jihad has a significant amount of Fajrs, certainly more than Hamas,” a military source said.

Jihad was believed to have acquired the first Fajrs in 2010, months after the Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip. Fajr supplies to Jihad were said to have intensified in 2011 as Iran sought to make the militia a self-sustaining military force in the region.

So far, Israel has not detected any launches of the Fajr from the Gaza Strip. The Israeli assessment was that Hamas and possibly Jihad enhanced the Fajr-3 and extended its range to 60 kilometers, sufficient to strike the Israeli nuclear plant in Dimona.

The military has assessed that Iran was working closely with Jihad to ensure any regional escalation that would include rocket attacks on Israel from the Gaza Strip and Lebanon. The source said the Israeli military has sent Hamas several warnings to stop Jihad before it sparks another round of fighting with the Jewish state.