The Palestinian Authority has been linked to attacks on the Israel Army.

Officials said at least one PA security agency was identified as linked to a spate of recent attacks on Israeli military and civilian targets in 2012. They identified the agency as the General Intelligence Service, assigned to collect data from Israel and other foreign countries.

“GIS has been allowing its officers to participate in attacks,” an official said.

On April 2, the Israel Security Agency reported the arrest of 13 Palestinians, all residents of the Amari refugee camp near Ramallah, in connection with an attempted attack on Israeli soldiers in the West Bank. The detainees included a GIS officer as well as employees of the PA-controlled Palestinian Red Crescent and Palestinian Olympic soccer team.

The GIS officer was identified as Mansour Abbas, assigned to the Ramallah area. Officials said Abbas, not known to be directly related to PA
Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, was commanding a unit that protected the Red Crescent.

ISA said Abbas was linked to Palestinian gun runners. The GIS officer was said to have received AK-47 assault rifles for an attack on an Israel
Army patrol from an arms dealer identified as Ahmed Hatab, an employee of the Red Crescent.

The attack on the Israeli patrol on Jan. 20 damaged an army jeep. There were no reports of injuries, and ISA said the weapons were later found in an abandoned building.

Officials said the PA was becoming increasingly involved in unrest as well as attacks on Israeli civilians and soldiers in the West Bank. They said GIS, funded and trained by European Union states, played a major role in Fatah-directed operations during the Palestinian uprising a decade ago.