For the first time in Israel: Residents in Southern Israel will receive advocacy training in a one-year program to become ambassadors for their troubled region while influencing world public opinion.

“The Vision: To create a pilot model for regional ‘civilian diplomacy’ in southwestern Israel to counter a future confrontation with Iran and its terror counterparts on Israel’s borders, transferable to any part of the State of Israel that is under security threat.”

Noam Bedein
Director of Sderot Media Center (SMC)

Over the past few months, Sderot Media Center – SMC – interviewed dozens of Sderot and Western Negev residents from which it chose 20 potential candidates, speaking 7 foreign languages and whom will receive professional training and become “ambassadors” competing for improved world opinion with an emphasis on times of emergency.

First training day took place in Sderot on Monday, September 24th, 2012. Sderot’s mayor, David Boskila, honored the event with a short introduction.

Local professionals took part in social, security, economics and journalism panels in front of an audience of the enthusiastic seminar’s participants – “The Ambassadors of Tomorrow”.

The Goal of “The Ambassadors of Tomorrow”

  1. To be professional educational guides in Sderot and the Western Negev for the hundreds of international delegations visiting the area yearly through SMC.
  2. To be prepared and on-call for media activity during emergency situations.

SMC hosts hundreds of international delegations all year round, including government officials, diplomats, academics, foreign press, evangelicals, students and youth.

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