Il Giornale, November 15th, 2012

Hamas military leader Jabari killed. The terror organization replies: “The gates of hell have opened”

The Israeli Government long pondered before launching a military operation called “Amud Anan”, column of cloud, with the targeted killing of Hamas armed wing leader Ahmad Jabari, responsible of hundreds of murderous terror attacks against Israelis. Its consequences can be harsh: a heavy rocket fire is already pouring in Beersheba, the sky above Negev is furrowed by wan light stripes; people also in the rest of the South of Israel are in shelters, Gaza at its turn is experiencing nightmare nights; the IAF is striking Fajr 5 rockets storage sites and two further Hamas leader have been attacked. Hamas declared that “the gates of hell had opened” for Jews. Sinai is throughout crossed by anti-Israeli terror, now hunting; Iran might order Hezbollah in the North to open fire; and President Morsi’s Egypt, that recalled his Ambassador, could furiously react in defense of Hamas, also affiliated with the Muslim Brothers.

Jabari was riding around in a car in broad daylight, confident evidently that Netanyahu would not dare or did not possess the correct intelligence, or else that his trip to the North along with Ehud Barak meant disinterest in Gaza. Yet he had been precisely and unequivocally warned by both the Prime Minister as well as Barak: “I am responsible for choosing the right time and to charge the highest price.” Addressing the Ambassadors convened in Ashkelon Netanyahu continued by saying: “No government would tolerate a situation where… its people live under a constant barrage of rockets and missile fire, and Israel will not tolerate this situation. I hope that Hamas and the other terror organizations in Gaza got the message. If not, Israel is prepared to take whatever action is necessary to defend our people”. The alternative would have been a ground invasion like in 2008-9 or else an unequivocal scream into the ear of Ismail Hanje, Prime Minister, as well as the other Hamas leaders: firing missiles at a million and a half of innocent civilians in Southern Israel is forbidden. In the last two days the Israeli Aviation carried on hitting weapons and rockets, especially long range Fajr 5, storage sites, and military installations; the death toll now is at fifteen, which suggests that the Government prefers an aerial rather than a ground operation with plenty of victims and unforeseeable international reactions. The past few days a barrage of 450 missiles had hit the South of Israel. “It’s a new kind of missiles” Kadima MK Shai Hermesh explained to us in his kibbutz along the Gaza-border, while showing a group of visiting Italian parliamentarians cracked walls, broken trees, huge round holes in the ceilings of buildings that people carrying children fled while the siren was blaring Red Color, tzeva adom, “bigger missiles will soon reach Tel Aviv”. And they did. “These missiles were supplied by Iran; twenty centimeters thick walls are not enough. We provided each house with a shelter with forty centimeters thick walls and shatter-proof windows. We only have fifteen seconds to reach it, but the Government spent 250 millions in two years to protect everyone”.

That’s why the death toll is not high, for sure not because those missiles are not harmful, as per the usual propaganda statement. The truth is that children are placed ahead of combatants in Gaza, we have shelters for everyone here, he insists. Hermesh shows us a closed up and armored kindergarten where toddlers spend all their time; they never go in the open air. Adults see their jobs in ruins, there are no open stores, no outside walks, offices are closed, all of this is interspersed with destruction and damage to schools and houses. Adriana Katz, psychiatrist in Sderot, a deeply affected city, says: “The serious syndromes we treat in children and in the adult population are unknown, because it is not post traumatic [stress disorder]: as soon as you slightly recover you are hit by another missile, and the trauma repeats itself. So, there is no post”.Every hour a new politician of the Egyptian government renews the war threat, all of the neighborhood threatens. The night draws near, it will be hard, but people here are determined to go back to peace, they want to put a halt to missiles. Is it so difficult for Europe to understand? It’s so very strange, everything is so crystal clear. But, oh, it looks like extremely difficult. Call it stupidity, call it antisemitism