MP Fiamma Nirenstein
Vice-president of the Committee on Foreign Affairs
Chair of the Committee for the Inquiry into Antisemitism
Italian Chamber of Deputies
Chairperson, International Council of Jewish Parliamentarians

Thursday, November 22nd, at 6pm
In front of the Italian Parliament
Piazza Montecitorio

SUMMIT, the think tank chaired by Italian MP and journalist Fiamma Nirenstein, Vice-president of the Foreign Affairs Committee, together with many other organizations, has convened for today, Thursday November 22nd, a speaking marathon under the title “For the Truth, for Israel”, in front of the Italian Parliament in Rome.

Over 40 people – politicians, journalists, authors, heads of organizations – already registered to take the floor and to proclaim their opposition to terror against the civil population of Israel, and against the deligitimization of the Jewish State.

MP Nirenstein declared: “I believe that for the sake of peace we need to restore the truth about the ongoing conflict. We need to neutralize the denigratory language used day by day to criminalize Israel and to delegitimize its right to defend its own citizens under attack”.

“Israel is defending itself, it didn’t attack” can be read in the flier inviting to the demonstration. It goes on: “Since Israel’s disengagement in 2005, an intolerable number of missiles, including Iranian Fajr 5 missiles, have been fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip. In the past week over 1200 rockets fired forced 1 million people living in Southern Israel to give up their normal routine and live in the shelters […]”.

“Israel is attempting to put an end to the rocket fire by striking the perpetrators and weapons storage sites, but Hamas’ deliberate exposure of its own civilians in very crowded areas makes it extremely difficult to avoid civilian casualties. On the other side, Israel invests huge resources in protecting its own citizens, that is why the Israeli death toll is contained, despite the constant and relentless barrage of missiles […]”.

“Peace cannot but spring out from truth. Anyone who opposes the distortion of facts that prevents peace, is invited to take part in this event” the invitation ends.