Il Giornale, December 1st, 2012

At Israel’s place, I’d leave the UN: it only serves the purpose of collecting isolation and delegitimation. Israel is tough though, being accustomed to the isolation born in the sick heart of fiery words, like the ones Abu Mazen repeatedly uttered: Israel is a monster, an apartheid, a Nazi state, killing those poor, innocent Palestinians… And everyone voted it, we also did. Not even one single word of peace or recognition of the Jewish State, or else condemnation of terrorism was to be heard, likewise their commitment not to throw away the Oslo accords, the road map, the meetings betrayed by the same Palestinians were to be heard… Only hatred, condemnation was to be heard; yet it was echoed by ayes. The world once again isolated Israel, the UN is specialized in such operation; Palestinians on the other hand relentlessly work at it, instead of building their democracy and economy. The organization that in theory should foster peace has always been a militant against Israel. The Islamic lobby works at it, supported by third world countries.

The Little Satan is the “televised image” of the Great Satan, the USA, which cannot be overtly attacked, pending economic damage. The mother of all mass persecution resolutions was 3379 “Zionism is a form of racism”, approved by a vote of 72 to 35 with 41 abstentions. Italy fell in line with Europe at its worst. The EU, professionally fighting Israel in all of its institutions, always has a lobby at work whose mission is the political and economic boycott of Israel; or else the Council of Europe which almost unanimously voted to grant Palestine “Partner for Democracy” status, too.

It is the UNO however with its collateral institutions to present the path most beaten by Israel’s haters. The General Assembly Anti-Israel resolutions are countless, ranging from “deeply deplores”, to “urgently calls on”, “expresses indignation and condemns”, “censors the violation”, “reiterates its request”… are to be counted by the thousand, they take up the entire resolutions’ library, passed by vast majority. Iran, China, Saudi Arabia, Darfur, Afghanistan… are ignored. Exception made for the Human Rights Council, that we fund to condemn Israel only, where this kind of resolutions reaches 100 %. The Human Rights Committee was shut down also because, among other, its president was Libya’s Gheddafi, except then the Council later did worse.

Unesco then declared Palestine as its Member State, and the Cave of the Patriarchs a mosque; when it held a conference on Jerusalem it did not invite Israel.

Is it straightforward? Yay, it’s fantastic for anti-Semites. No logical explanation applies; clearly, Palestine can’t exist as long as Israel is not recognized as the State of the Jews, a partner of peace and not a State to be annihilated. Mutual recognition and dialogue are necessary. Is it so hard to understand? It’s so sad that also Italy too took part in this massacre, which has got much deeper roots than we’d like to think.