The English website only has the Government Guidelines (see below) while the Hebrew website also has the coalition agreements. It should be noted that there is absolutely no mention or reference whatsoever in either these guidelines or any of the coalition agreements to a Palestinian state, a “two state solution” or the Bar Ilan address. Simply put, PM Netanyahu’s remarks on these matters remain his private take on the situation rather than an official position adopted by the Israeli Government.]

Government policy
Website of the Prime Minister’s Office

* The Government will actively seek to fortify the national security and bestow personal security on its citizens while vigorously and determinedly fighting against violence and terror.

* The Government will advance the political process and act to promote peace with all our neighbors, while preserving the security, historic and national interests of Israel.

* The Government will advance a program to deal with the economic crisis and act to create economic conditions that will allow for sustainable growth, as well as create and maintain jobs in the economy.

* The Government will strive for social justice by reducing social gaps and uncompromisingly fight against poverty through education, employment and an increase in assistance to the weaker segments of the population.

* The Government will place the issue of immigration and immigrant absorption at the top of its list of priorities and will work vigorously to increase immigration from all countries of the world.

* The Government will place education at the center of its list of national priorities and will act to advance reforms in the education system.

* The Government will preserve the Jewish character of the State and the legacy of Israel, as well as honor the religions and traditions of members of other religions in the country in accordance with the values of the Declaration of Independence.

* The Government will act to advance governmental reforms to improve stability and governability.

* The Government will act to fortify the rule of law in Israel.

* The Government will act to protect the environment in Israel, improve the quality of life for the residents of the country and increase Israel’s participation in contributing to the global effort with regard to the climate and the environment.