In 280-279 BCE, Greek King Pyrrhus’ army suffered irreplaceable casualties in defeating the Romans at Heraclea and at Asculum. King Pyrrhus soon lost the war against the Romans. The term “Pyrrhic Victory” describes situations where “by winning the battle, you lose the war.”

From 1993-2013, Israel suffered irreplaceable casualties from implementation and indoctrination of the Two-State Solution. But the Two-State Solution’s “irreplaceable casualties” described in this article are not the obvious casualties – the hundreds of “irreplaceable” Israelis (may they rest in peace) who have been murdered by the Palestinian terrorists (may their names be erased.)

The Two-state “irreplaceable casualties” I am referring to here are the victims of the attempts to make Israel “look good” by talking peace, those generations of Israeli and American Jews who have been brainwashed into promoting the Two-State Solution without fully understanding its existential dangers. In the end, Israel momentarily looks “great,” but nobody can ultimately defend Israel by fighting for its security on the battlefield of public opinion. So, in the end, Israel will lose, and lose totally.

Let’s talk turkey. Either Netanyahu really believes the “Two-State Solution”, or he is just pretending he does because it looks and feels good. If he believes it, he’s suicidal, Israel is suicidal, and Israel is finished. That’s an article for a different day.

But, if Bibi doesn’t really believe in the Two-state “solution,” then he is confusing the heck out of millions of Israeli and American Jews who, for the most part, think Bibi really means it.

So, while the Israeli government is touting “Peace, Peace, Peace,” Israeli and American college kids aren’t being taught “The PLO hasn’t ever changed its destroy-Israel covenant”, or “West Bank ‘Demilitarized’ Katyushas will destroy Tel Aviv” or “Israel will have no water because the Palestinians will divert every drop of West Bank water.”

All the kids are hearing is the coma-inducing mantra “Israel supports the Two-State Solution.” For, to say otherwise, you are “Against peace” and a “Warmonger.” What 19-year-old American Jew studying for good grades in an Ivy-League College and in his right mind wants to be “more Israeli than the Israelis”?

So, that’s how hundreds of thousands of uneducated, brain-washed kids soon become millions of uneducated, brain-washed voting and donating adults.

The problem is that by indoctrinating, aka brainwashing, kids to believe in a Two-state solution, Israel has created generations of kids, and adults, who don’t understand why Israel has not already created a Palestinian West Bank State. For, “If it’s so wonderful, only Israeli ‘intransigence’ is stopping the solution.” All Jewish kids understand is the Israeli PR job of the alleged benefits of the Two-state ‘solution’, and not the Two-state dangerous reality. Consequently, Israel has permanently lost millions of Israeli and American Jews who would have been ultimately needed to defend Israel’s failure to create a West Bank Palestinian state only because they have only been taught the delusional imagined benefits of “Peace.”

But, Israel’s decades of “succeeding” at “talking the peace talk” is exactly where Israel ultimately loses, and self-defeats itself. By only educating generations of the Two-state BS PR, and of not the real existential dangers, Israel doesn’t now have the grass-roots backing it needs to back-out of the suicidal Two-state solution. Hence, the argument has now morphed into, “Israel doesn’t have the American Jewish support necessary to scuttle the Two-state solution.” So, by looking good for the minute, Israel has irreversibly locked itself into a catastrophic Two-state solution train wreck. For, when the time comes for Israeli leaders to tell the truth that the Two-state solution is Israel’s destruction, there won’t be any American Jews who believe them.

And in Israel, by Israel “preparing itself for painful concessions,” Israel has lost generations of Israeli voters who know only “the peace process is the only path.” Hence, instead of Israeli voters having a balanced, rational, and full understanding of the situation, all they know is to vote center or left-of-center. In and of itself, this has created an inescapable political fact that only insures Israel can’t stop itself from committing the Two-state solution suicide.

“On the other side of the ledger,” the ‘moderate’ Palestinian Authority (let alone Hamas) is unabashedly and unabatedly brain-washing their toddlers to wear suicide bomb vests to murder Israeli civilians. The American rabbi David Samson was prophetically correct when he literally and figuratively stated “They [the Arabs’] are born with Molotov cocktails in their hands.” Based on the latest Palestinian Authority Official TV, the only nit change would be “The Arabs are born wearing suicide vests filled with ball-bearings and rusty nails.”

In conclusion, with Israeli PR “victories” like the “Two-state solution,” who needs military defeats? Either, Netanyahu starts talking the straight truth about the Two-state “solution” suicide, or Israel will be forced into a Two-state suicide exactly because nobody will understand the reasons to stop it.