Leading from Behind: The “Obama Doctrine” and US Policy in the Middle East
Sanford Lakoff

Eleven Years to the Arab Peace Initiative: Time for an Israeli Regional Strategy
Ilai Alon and Gilead Sher

The Emergence of the Sunni Axis in the Middle East
Yoel Guzansky and Gallia Lindenstrauss

Islam and Democracy: Can the Two Walk Together?
Yoav Rosenberg

The US and Israel on Iran: Whither the (Dis)Agreement?
Ephraim Kam

Walking a Fine Line: Israel, India, and Iran
Yiftah S. Shapir

Response Essays Civilian Casualties of a Military Strike in Iran
Ephraim Asculai

If it Comes to Force: A Credible Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Military Option against Iran
Amos Yadlin, Emily B. Landau, and Avner Golov

*Read: Strategic Assessment, Volume 16 | No. 1 | April 2013 (PDF), click here.