Israel has begun preparing for the prospect of a victory by Syrian President Bashar Assad over Sunni rebels.

The government of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has been briefed of the likelihood of an Assad victory that would end the more than two-year revolt in Syria. They said Israeli preparations could include military reinforcements in the Golan Heights and northern Israel as well as additional aid from the United States.

“I always thought that it might be the case that at the end of the day Assad, with a very strong Iranian and Hizbullah backing, might gain the upper hand,” Strategic Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz said. “And I think that this is possible and I thought that this is possible already a long time ago.”

In a briefing on June 10, Steinitz became the first senior Cabinet minister to raise the prospect of an Assad victory. Steinitz, a former finance minister regarded as close to Netanyahu, indicated that Israel did not share U.S. assessments in 2012 that Assad had been on the verge of collapse. Instead, Steinitz, regularly briefed by Israel’s intelligence community, said he envisioned massive foreign help to save the Assad regime. He said Assad’s military and security forces would capture rebel-held territory throughout Syria.

“He might not just survive, but even regain territories,” Steinitz said.

Netanyahu has warned his ministers not to discuss the prospect of Israeli intervention in Syria. They said the only Cabinet member who publicly assessed that Assad would be ousted was then-Defense Minister Ehud Barak, regarded as close to the United States, in 2012.

“There was heavy pressure by the Americans for the [Israeli] intelligence community to fall in line with U.S. assessments,” a Western diplomatic source said. “Now, the Israelis are shocked that the assessment of the Americans on Syria was totally wrong.”

In contrast, officials said, Barak’s successor, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, has urged Washington and other NATO members to move cautiously against Assad. They said the message from Netanyahu and his senior ministers was that the Sunni revolt was dominated by Al Qaida and could end up destabilizing neighboring Jordan.

“It is in his [Assad’s] interest not to provoke us so that we get involved,” Steinitz said.


  1. STEAM IS BLOWING OUT MY EARS, MOUTH AND NOSTRILS! First, last and always, Judea and Samaria are Israeli porrepty. I don’t give a flying fig WHAT Jordan enamed that land when the unlawfully occupied it, it is JEWISH LAND, ALWAYS HAS BEEN AND WITH ANY SENSE OF INTELLIGENCE it will remain so. But intelligence seems to be the one thing lacking in the Israeli leadership.WHERE is the "moral equivalence" in this outrageous situation? WHERE? It does not exist. All I have to say to the world is bah fongul. Would Washington permit an Arab state adjacen to its borders? We all know the answer to that one, don’t we? The world is filled to overflowing with hypocricy and their sympathies lay with the Nazis and the Arabs who learned the BIG LIE technique from their grand mufti who spent most of WWII in Berlin hanging out with such nefarious characters as Eichman and others including the author of the big lie, Hitler himself.There are no such people as "Palestinians." Yet Israel kisses tush as though they had a legitimate "right" to their own state. Syrians are killing other Syrians because they are the "wrong kind" of Musims. It is as though Orthodox Jews went around killing Reformed Jews. They don’t particulary like them, but that is a far cry from out-and-out slaughtering innocent people.How I wish that there was some way to stop Assad, but if you look at his name, it is self-descriptive: Ass and sad. It all has to do with GREED and POWER. It still boggls my little brain how one man can control millions of people and breed loyalty with their troops.Other Muslims don’t give a damn about the suffering of their own people, why should they care about Syria? It is too bad that Israel can’t do anything about the situation.Pardon me, I’ve got to toss my cookies right NOW.


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