The Center for Near East Policy Research based in Jerusalem is launching a major initiative to bring to the attention of legislators in various countries, including Australia, the facts about this UN agency which has failed for 65 years in fulfilling its mandate to solve the Arab refugee problem.

UNRWA whose slogan boasts that “peace starts here” is in actual fact complicit in fostering an educational agenda whose real slogan should read “war starts here”.

Two recent documentaries, “Camp Jihad” and “Inside the UNRWA classroom”, produced by CNEPR clearly demonstrate how UNRWA’s 492,000 students are indoctrinated with the idea of a right of return to Israel which can only be accomplished by terror tactics and war.

In the light of these revelations donor nations including Australia must urgently reassess their aid and condition any future funding on a complete reform of UNRWA. This includes an educational syllabus which prepares students for a constructive life and peaceful co-existence.

In an effort to enlighten Members of Parliament screenings will be organised in donor countries for legislators and staff members. Experts will explain and elucidate the steps required to convert the current agenda for war into a real agenda for peace. DVD’s and information packs will be distributed to policy makers as part of this major initiative.

After 65 years of perpetuating the refugee problem rather than solving it donor nations need to wake up to the fact that millions of dollars in aid has been poured down a bottomless pit.

This initiative the Center hopes will finally shine the spotlight on a subject which up till now has been ignored.