Yuval Diskin, former head of Israel’s domestic security service, the Shin Bet, has sounded an ominous warning to Israel’s government and people.

At the moment, he said, a new Palestinian intifada appears almost inevitable.

“All of the conditions exist in our situation,” he said, “for the Palestinian masses to rise up.” Diskin put such an uprising in the context of the Arab Spring, drawing parallels to the enormous and often violent uprisings in many Arab countries over the past few years, several of which have led to the rise of Islamists governments and even descended into outright civil war.

According to Diskin, the rising tensions are driven by economic and political factors. Politically,

the intense tension and frustration is worsening among the Palestinians, who feel that their land is being stolen from them, that the state they strive for is getting further away.

At the same time, the economic collapse of much of the West Bank has undermined the current Israeli government’s idea of an “economic peace.” The Palestinians, said Diskin “can no longer… take comfort in” economic prosperity to lesson their anger and hatred of Israel.

Terrorist incidents, while still relatively minor, have risen sharply in recent weeks, with several Israelis murdered in or near the West Bank. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged to continue the fight against terror with military means.