Australia and New Zealand have extensive legislation in place to make sure that sound practices are enforced as far as protecting workers and others.

Perhaps the time has come for these two countries to offer their expertise in this field to other less enlightened nations and would be nations. Instead of pouring millions of dollars into the bottomless coffers of the Palestinian Arab Authority and UNRWA, plus similar UN sponsored failures, a more focused and certainly more corruption proof form of aid should now be considered.

Hardly a week goes by when we do not hear of work place explosions taking place in Hamastan, that den of terror on Israel’s south western border and also in areas controlled by “President” Abbas, the officially expired (2009) non elected leader of the PA and such benign groups as the Palestine Liberation Organisation amongst other jihadist movements. In addition these mysterious work related explosions seem to occur in other parts of the Islamic world. How can one explain these events which kill countless men as well as women and children?

The usual and simplest explanation of this epidemic offered by those caught in the carnage and their minders is to blame Israel. That’s the easy target and a well worn one which is guaranteed to win friends and influence people from the masses in the street to the gullible media and then to the trendy mob for whom blaming Israel and the Jews/Zionists is a knee jerk reaction. Photos supplied by terror groups go viral and without any proof or verification the blame Israel mob are in full cry.

The fact that most of these explosions take place in the midst of residential areas never seems to raise any red flags among the useful idiots who love to blame Israel for every calamity in the Arab & Islamic world. What is it that causes such things to occur in homes, schools, mosques and similar civilian facilities? It certainly is not anything to do with defective gas cylinders, ovens and welding equipment. The answer is in fact very simple. The accidents are caused by individuals assembling, handling and manufacturing bombs, explosive devices and rockets. In addition the storage of such equipment together with highly volatile chemicals and material for making such peace inducing components means that the conditions exist for combustion at any time of the day and night. When this all comes together in primitive and dangerous surroundings the explosive result is inevitable.

The next question one must ask is why this is occurring in the first place. The answer is simple and stark. It’s the message of love and peace towards Israel & Jews being made in response to those peddling the insane notion that yet another Arab/Islamic State, this one in Israel’s heartland will usher in an era of messianic tolerance. Manufacturing and storing weapons and explosives has become a major export industry amongst our peace partners and one has to wonder why foreign aid is still flowing to these places. The insanity gripping the western democracies is best exemplified by the recent announcement that the Obama Administration is increasing its financial aid to the PA in this financial year. Wouldn’t you think that the fact aid money is utilized for poisoning the next generation’s minds, promoting hate & delegitimisation, revisionist theory conspiracies and sponsoring terror groups would be reason enough to query such aid? Not only do none of these facts feature in any foreign ministry policies but even worse they merely spur the donor nations on towards increased waste of taxpayers’ monies.

It gets worse however. Where is the money coming from which finances the burgeoning industry which causes so many work related accidents? It is highly likely that a fair proportion of the aid given by the international community, much of which is unaccounted for by those receiving it, ends up financing these enterprises. Aid received from Arab countries is also no doubt diverted to the same activities. In other words, instead of using the entire aid provided by a hypocritical international community for humanitarian purposes some of it ends up in financing workshops making items intended to murder Israelis and others. Why has this not caused a cessation or at least a suspension in foreign aid? Obviously donor nations do not want to be confused by reality and instead like Obama/Kerry prefer to pretend that nothing is amiss.

The latest manifestation of the totally misguided policies being currently pursued occurred this very week. As a result of the UN’s vote, the fictitious State of Palestine has opened “embassies” in many countries and its representatives are now designated as ambassadors. Embassies by international law have a special protected status and immunity so naturally the “Palestinian” ones can take full advantage. This means that whatever goes on inside these buildings or whoever receives protection there are safe from the prying eyes of the host country. Iranian diplomatic premises have long been a safe haven for all sorts of nefarious activities and now it seems that the “Palestinian” missions are also susceptible to workplace accidents. The “Palestinian Ambassador “in Prague has just been killed in one of these mysterious work related explosions. It was reported that a safe exploded as he opened it which I suppose could mean that the apparent safe haven provided to dubious individuals was not really that secure. We can safely assume that as this took place in Prague the explosion was not caused by bouncing volatile cheques but by something more lethal.

Lo and behold it has now been revealed that police announced the discovery of a cache of weapons large enough to arm and equip at least ten people. What this amount of diplomatic accessories was doing there is open to conjecture but it is consistent with other incidents of this type which happen with clockwork regularity in premises inhabited by our peace loving partners.

Will any of this faze those who keep throwing your money at them? Not likely it seems because the hallucinatory mirages must be nurtured at all cost.

Health and safety in the workplace is obviously not high on the agenda of either donor nations or the grateful recipients of this largesse.

Michael Kuttner is a Jewish New Zealander who for many years was actively involved with various communal organisations connected to Judaism and Israel. He now lives in Israel and is J-Wire’s correspondent in the region.