Israel’s intelligence community has warned of the increasing presence of non-aligned insurgents.

The Israel Security Agency has determined that the so-called “lone wolf” attacker has become an increasing threat to the Jewish state. ISA said non-aligned Palestinian operatives have been responsible for killing Israeli soldiers and civilians over the last year.

“Most fatalities resulted from attacks by local infrastructures, some attributed to lone wolf attackers,” ISA said.

In a report titled “Terror Data and Trends: 2013 Annual Summary,” the agency cited two killings by illegal Palestinian residents in Israel in 2013. In all, six Israelis were killed last year, down from 10 in 2012.

“This year, half of the fatalities were security personnel and another half civilians,” the agency, referring to 2013, said.

The report did not detail killings by lone wolf attackers. But ISA said the Palestinians told Israeli interrogators that the operations sought to force Israel to release imprisoned insurgents.

ISA said illegal Palestinian residents, estimated at more than 100,000, were involved in three insurgency attacks, including a bombing in the Tel Aviv suburb of Bat Yam in December 2013. The report said the Palestinians were helped by Israeli Arabs.

“An emphasis is placed on the potential risk from illegal aliens in terrorism and their occasional use of Israeli drivers of Arab origin, as was the case in the Bat Yam IED attack, when the perpetrator who placed and activated the device, reached Israel with the help of an Israeli Bedouin working as a driver,” the report said.