[Dr. Aaron Lerner – It should be note that the country that Shimon Peres is the president of is Israel. Yes, it is a more than a little bizarre that at this time, when Israel is engaged in a fierce PR battle, that the president of Israel should participate in a love fest with Mahmoud Abbas at the Vatican – a photo op that will benefit the Palestinians and help undermine efforts of the democratically elected Government of Israel but this is only a continuation of the position of Mr. Peres:

#1. First when Mr. Peres was defeated in direct elections by Netanyahu, he declared that he was the Prime Minister of the 49% plus who voted for him rather than the head of the opposition.

#2. Then Mr. Peres explained that the obligation of an elected official is not to honor his campaign promises but instead do what he thinks is best for the nation.

#3. The next step has been that the authority of the elected government can be undermined by the president (for example in moves designed to prevent the elected government from attacking Iran) if the president believes he knows better. And this even if this involves participating in the leaking of classified information in violation of the law.

Question: If this is how Mr. Shimon Peres behaves as president, what does he have up his sleeve for the day after he leaves the President’s Residence and moves into his office in the Peres Peace Center from which he plans to engage in the “privatization of the peace process”. Will he launch talks with Mahmoud Abbas to continue developing the peace agreement that he was outlining with Abbas before PM Netanyahu called it off?].

Friday, 6 June 2014

Following the invitation of Pope Francis during his visit to the region: Pope Francis, President Shimon Peres and Palestinian Authority President Abbas will issue a joint call for peace at a ceremony in the Vatican

At the ceremony, which will take place in the garden of the Vatican on Sunday 8th June at 19:00 (local time in Rome), there will delegations of rabbis, imams and Christian faith leaders

President Shimon Peres, will leave on Sunday 8th June, for a special visit to the Vatican at the invitation of Pope Francis. At the center of the visit will be an event hosted by Pope Francis with President Peres, Palestinian Authority President Abbas and delegations of Jewish, Christian and Islamic faith leaders, at which they will issue a joint call for peace to people across the world.

The event has been designed to incorporate and respect all three religions and will include readings dedicated to each of the three religions – the Rabbis will read from the Tanach, the Christian leaders from the New Testament and the Imams from the Quran. All the readings will be dedicated to peace. After the religious readings, Pope Francis will read religious verses with President Peres and President Abbas which the three will choose and symbolize the yearning for peace.

President Peres will fly to the Vatican at the head of a delegation consisting of Rabbis, Druze leaders and Imams and will call upon leaders of all faiths to work together to ensure that religion and the name of the Lord will not be used to justify bloodshed and terror. President Peres will place particular emphasis on the importance of inter-religious dialogue. The Israeli delegation, which was composed with the assistance of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, will consist of faith leaders from across Israel who will carry the message of peace. The delegation will include Rabbi Dr. Rasson Arussi of the Chief Rabbinate Council, Rabbi Professor Daniel Sperber, Rabbi David Rosen, the Spiritual Leader of the Druze faith in Israel Sheikh Moafaq Tarif and Chairman of the Muslim Community of Israel, Sheikh Mohammad Kiwan. The Palestinian delegation is also expected to include a faith delegation consisting of Islamic and Christian leaders.

The event will take place in a location in the garden without religious symbols and which is not a place of prayer to ensure that it would be in accordance with Jewish tradition. Sephardi Chief Rabbi Yosef blessed President Peres for his work towards peace between nations and for his efforts to ensure religion is not used to justify terror and bloodshed, he also wished him luck for his visit.

The event at the Vatican is taking place at the initiative of Pope Francis who announced his historic invitation during his visit to the Middle East. The Vatican is preparing to provide a live feed of the event to billions of people of faith across the world. In addition to his visit to the Vatican, President Peres will meet with political leadership of Italy including President Giorgio Napolitano and Minister of Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini.

Please find below the details for the live feed for the event on Sunday in the Vatican (provided by Centro Televisio Vaticano).

Live feed on EBU network

Live feed on TELEPACE HD channel


Eutelsat Hotbird 13B @ 13° E


Txp 89


12476 MHz – Orizzontale (H)



Symbol Rate

29900 MSym/sec

Video PID


Audio 1 PID

2042 (Italian)

Audio 2 PID

2043 (International) natural sound

Please note that this is a High definition feed in DVBS2 mpeg 4 — ext starting time 5.45 pm Rome time ext lenght: till the departure of the President from Vatican gardens

For additional information:

Ayelet Frish – Spokesperson and Media Adviser to the President of Israel, 050-6205111

Yair Zivan – International Media Coordinator, Office of the President of Israel, 052-3450061