The anti-Israeli delegitimization campaign has proven effective, providing ammunition for hostile legal warfare – intended to restrict Israel’s right to self defense & deny its character nature as a Jewish state.

The most influential efforts that demonize Israel now act under the guise of human rights groups that report on the Middle East in a skewed manner..

Btselem operates an effective on going anti-Israeli campaign under the cover of that human rights umbrella, while its stated political goal is to force Israel to retreat to the 1967 lines, even within Jerusalem,… and to recognize “all Palestinian rights”, including the “right of return.” to Arab villages that existed before 1948- which are now sovereign Israel.

Information warfare has become increasingly vital for gaining legitimacy.

Human rights groups hold the upper hand.

Human rights groups seemingly tell the human interest story.

Immense resources fund human rights groups.

Human rights groups hold seemingly objective credibility which stands forth in all circles of public opinion.

Consequently, human rights groups operate in an unchallenged environment.

Human rights groups are quoted by journalists, diplomats and clerics as impeccable sources of truth.

Btselem reports are used as background for lawsuits against Israeli entities and Israeli officials.

Hence, the launch of Btselem Watch,, a new initiative designed to challenge the unquestioned human rights reports.

Media outlets around the world will now be able to review reports posted on Btselem Watch at A new Btselem Watch data base will make Btselem accountable, to deter other organizations from using tactics whose purpose is to denigrate Israel in the public domain.