• Israeli jets warn residents their home will be targeted by first firing smaller rockets at the roof
  • It is one of several early-warning methods used to alert Palestinians of impending air strikes
  • Video emerges as Israeli aerial bombardment of Gaza enters its second day
  • Hamas militants continuing to fire hundreds of rockets at Israeli cities
  • Israel today announced it had shot down a DRONE which had flown from Gaza along the coast
  • UN Relief Works Agency says thousands of Palestinians have sought shelter in UN-run schools
  • Rockets fired from Lebanon into Israel for the third time since Friday
  • UNRWA reports that Israeli military is allegedly targeting water and sanitation workers
  • UNICEF warns that children are ‘bearing the brunt’ of the latest round of violence to convulse the region

As the bombardment of Gaza continues with its horrific loss of life, Israel has been at pains to point out its policy of warning the occupants of buildings targeted for airstrikes before the missiles rain down.

Such warnings can be in the form of text messages or phone calls, or the euphemistically dubbed ‘knock on the roof’, where passing aircraft first fire small projectiles on the tops of buildings to tell residents to get out.

Video of this controversial technique has now emerged, allowing the world to see exactly what it means for a a Palestinian living in Gaza to get a ‘knock on the roof’. It comes amid reports that Israel reported it had shot down a drone along its southern coastline, the first time it has encountered such a weapon from Gaza.

Videos at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2691302/Watch-Israels-controversial-knock-roof-air-strike-warning-condemned-human-rights-groups.html#ixzz37m7a3vKt